How does Pedro’s Planet benefit other businesses in the St. Louis area?

Chuck Pass, Chief Operations Officer at Pedro’s Planet, appeared on TNtv and said his company sells “environment”.

The firm visits companies throughout the St. Louis Metro area and helps them recycle waste to include plastic, paper, toner cartridges and eWaste.

Pedro’s Planet sells office supplies too, mostly recycled. They sell over 30,000 items and try to do it all from the same truck, to be as environmentally friendly as possible. By delivering office supplies and picking up waste at the same time the firm is also saving natural resources.

Pedro’s does not charge for recycling as long as businesses purchase a minimal amount of office supplies from them. The company will shred paper, pick-up aluminum and toner at no charge. They will assist in discarding eWaste from CRT machines and other equipment.

Another point of differentiation is that Pedro’s Planet uses the same delivery specialist for every job with each business. Each specialist understands the recycling needs of the client and knows where to place office supplies at the customer’s location.


Be a Part of the Green Team

For businesses who wish to become more environmentally friendly Pass recommends the business establish a “Green Team”. He suggests the group meet periodically to create ideas of how that firm can benefit the environment and the business itself. Those ideas can be passed along to the CEO or president, the best of which can be adopted in both the near and long term.

Pass emphasizes the business should incentivize staff to become more Green. This can include handing out a canvas bag to new employees for use at grocery stores or rewarding them with a free lunch or cash bonus on days they use mass transit or ride their bicycle to work.




Watch our complete interview with Chuck below!