Are you married to the old ways of managing your technology even though new solutions can improve performance while saving you time and money?

Mike Heil, a partner with ThrottleNet, appeared on TNtv to discuss the mistakes business owners make by continuing to throw dollars at the same old, out-dated technology.

Heil said there are four reasons why business owners continue to dig themselves deeper into an IT hole.

Ways Companies are Digging Big Holes with IT

1. The fear of change. Many executives do not want to look back at something that occurred in the past that was poorly planned and went horribly wrong. A change in technology may sound expensive now but could save money in the long run. Yet no one ever wants to make the wrong decision. Business owners should have faith that a better, proven technology solution can eliminate the process of constantly applying duct tape to a bad situation while future proofing top performance for your organization.

2. The insistence of maintaining an email server on-site. Many CEOs were once told the best email solution was to maintain a separate server on-site specifically for email. However, the days of having your own Exchange server are numbered. In fact many of these servers barely chug along and can cause complaints from employees and customers about how slow your network is performing. A far better use of this technology is a cloud based solution. The cloud is cheaper, faster and more reliable. It also has the certifications and encryption necessary for compliance protection dealing with HIPAA, the SEC and Sarbanes-Oxley.

3. Failure to utilize a sound back-up solution. Many companies invest thousands of dollars in what appears to be a solid back-up system. Yet these systems often do not have back-up retention in the cloud, a must in today’s business world. The business may also lack a disaster recovery strategy. Should an event occur, the CEO may not know how long they their network could be down for repairs. It could be 45 minutes, a day, a week or even two weeks. Business owners should maintain an open mind about a back-up plan that protects them today as well as into the future.

4. Avoiding Managed Service Providers (MSPs) due to past problems. Not all MSPs are the same. Some businesses may have had a poor experience with an MSP in the past and are hesitant to consider this model again for their technology needs. The MSP may have not lived up to their service agreement and was unclear about extra charges that appeared on their invoice. As a result a company may be thinking about going back to employing their own IT staff person.  However, hiring one IT staff person may only exacerbate the problem. A professional IT firm is a better solution. MSPs like ThrottleNet take the time and effort to educate their clients on services and solutions, and detail all expectations. They are dedicated to helping the industry as a whole, and, at the same time, helping you grow your business.

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