Social media has been a big deal for business since 2007 when the first brands joined Twitter and Facebook launched advertising.

That landscape has continued to change with networks like Pinterest, Instagram and even Snapchat evolving to fit the needs of business marketers to expand their audience through social communication.

For better or worse, social media today is less about communicating with your friends and more about a universal conversation between you, your friends and…brands.

This is changing even more now thanks to the growth of Periscope, a live broadcasting app which has already surpassed 10 million accounts, a mere four months after its launch.

How significant has Periscope become? Well, it took social juggernauts Twitter and Facebook two years each to secure their 10 millionth registered member. Leading up to that success, Periscope was one of the most anticipated social launches we can remember. Before it was even in Beta, Twitter had already acquired the app for over $85,000,000. That’s confidence.

The hype was definitely worth it, in our estimation. Even ThrottleNet has gotten behind the Periscope phenomenon.

How Periscope Works

Periscope is a live-streaming video app similar to competitor Meerkat. The big differentiator, though, for Periscope is that live video streams can be archived and shared after completion of a live event, where Meerkat videos ala Snapchat disappear once a broadcast concludes.

Periscope videos are raw, in the act that live feeds are shot from iPhones, iPads or Android devices but can be watched from computers, the smartphone app or directly on Twitter.

Users can choose to make videos public, or viewable exclusive to their selected audience. When connected to a Twitter account, Periscope users can send out a link via tweet allowing access into the live feed.

The idea behind Periscope is to see the world through someone else’s eyes, and it does exactly that. The app can do big things during historic events, and is great tool for journalists shooting live interviews, and works just as well for webinars and short informational broadcasts.

How Periscope Works for ThrottleNet

At ThrottleNet, we have been playing around with Periscope and just recently completed our first broadcast of TN Tech Talk on Periscope where President George Rosenthal and company talked about Windows 10.

Check out the archive from our first Periscope broadcast here and be sure to check us out on our next live stream by subscribing to our Periscope channel. We’ll notify you the next time we stream! Want to start periscoping for yourself? Download the App from the Google Play Store or iTunes to start streaming today!

The Future of Periscope

Despite its success, Periscope is a rookie in the land of social media. The app already boasts several benefits over competitors including its instantaneous nature without a 30-second delay, integration with Twitter and the ability to save replays and statistical performance data. Many businesses and news outlets are finding Periscope incredibly useful and are working toward expanding their audiences. We’re excited to see how the future of the app shapes up.


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