How can document imaging and management software make your company more efficient?

Ross Schumaker, with PowerFlow Solutions, a document imaging and management software company, appeared on TNtv.  He said document management is a lot more than going paperless or just installing a piece of software.

Schumaker says the goal of a document management system is to enable a company to operate in a true digital environment by streamlining their business processes.

The process begins by visiting a client’s business and evaluating their document flow. A PowerFlow representative will visit with the firm’s owner and appropriate staff. They will then perform a review and generate recommendations to enhance the firm’s functionality.

Schumaker says he sees companies operating with filing cabinets plainly in view, often left in an unsecure environment after hours. In an era of corporate intelligence Schumaker says this should be dealt with in a much more discrete environment.  He says his company has many solutions to deal with this.

PowerFlow Software is usually a part of the solution but not is mandatory.
The company has a staff that is on board 24 hours per day, seven days per week that can assist with document prepping, indexing and scanning.

PowerFlow has solutions that are application-based. They can be designed specifically for accounting, HR and more.

The system  pays for itself in a short period of time. Clients will see a return on investment starting in about six to nine months, dependent on the number of employees, number of locations etc. using the PowerFlow Solution.

Schumaker added that PowerFlow Solutions is different from other document management firms. PowerFlow actually creates, designs and produces its own software. It most cases other competitors are simply reselling someone else’s products. Those competitors may support those products for a year or two, then move on. Clients always get the full support of PowerFlow on an ongoing basis.

The PowerFlow solution helps a business make their staff more productive and their entire company more efficient.