According to an article in Fortune Magazine detailing a recent survey by NTT Com Security, companies are well aware of cyber security risks.

However, many are taking their time implementing procedures to help protect their networks from disaster that may stem from cyber security risks.

The NTT Com study on security breaches polled 1,000 executives, and disturbingly only half of them stated they had a formal plan in place to protect their networks from an attack.

This lack of urgency is even more troubling, given that the majority of respondents were well aware that they should be taking cyber security risks more seriously.

Digging into Cyber Security Data

25% of survey respondents were certain that their company will suffer a security breach in the future and 75% believe their business data is not completely secure. Only 40% of respondents believe their data at work is more secure than their home computers – which house far less valuable information.

Only 465 have a fully executable plan in place to combat data compromise, while 40% are partly aware of their plan. Yes, that only leaves 14% unsure of exactly how they would go about dealing with an attack, but businesses need to be aware of how to effectively deal with cyber security threats.

On average, a cyber-security breach will cost a company just short of $1 million.

Getting Smarter About Cyber Security Risks

It seems as though a lot of businesses plan on hoping against a major data breach and picking up the pieces if one were to occur.

With Target, Home Depot, Sony, Anthem and even the IRS suffering data breaches over the past few years, it seems having a plan in place now would be the smartest approach for companies of all sizes.

Developing a disaster recovery plan or tightening up internal procedures to combat cyber security risks does not have to be a time-consuming or expensive proposition.

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