The Dark Web isn’t just a rumor: it’s real and is the reason why protecting your data and your identity online is more vital than ever. ThrottleNet’s latest video takes you on a quick tour of the dark web and exposes some of the illicit and problematic aspects of this dangerous side of the internet. Please note: our tour of the dark web is for educational purposes only. Dustin, who hosts the tour, is a certified ethical hacker and cybersecurity manager, and he uses virtual machines and a VPN to access the dark web. This is not safe for you to try at home.

Navigating the Dark Web

Several search engines can work to search the darknet. There are also sites within the hacking community that offer services such as hacking computers, websites, or even smartphones. Dustin talks a bit about the Tor browser and the secure method of “onion linking.” Watch the video to learn more about these aspects of the dark web. Hackers share resources via hacking forums like Fatality Hacking Sets and Master Hack Packs. There are even beginners’ guides. This might be the type of place that young hackers get their information from. Forums like these are also a source of leaked data. During the video, Dustin highlights a source who states that they have access to 75,000 leaked email addresses and passwords. Large-scale hacking like this can occur if you’re using the same credentials across multiple websites, especially if you use similar passwords in your personal and business logins. Hackers try that password and email address combination across various platforms, leaving your data accessible. It’s crucial to practice good data hygiene and have separate passwords for all your accounts.

Hacking for Sale on the Dark Web

Online marketplaces offer a range of hacking services, including paying to knock someone’s website offline for a few hours. These actions are completely illegal, which is why they’re only openly offered on the darknet. Are you experiencing a concerning amount of downtime? Learn how hackers achieve website downtime by watching the video. Custom ransomware is another tool offered to lower-level hackers. If they don’t have the programming skills to create their own ransomware, they can outsource the task via online marketplaces. Beyond the intangible purchases of data and hacking services, other illegal products are available through dark web sources. Criminals can purchase a range of fraudulent documents such as drivers’ licenses and passports–check the video to see how much these are sold for. You may be shocked! Other problematic services on the dark web include the ability to buy a gun without background checks and making purchases using cryptocurrency like Bitcoin to avoid paper trails.

Protecting Businesses from the Dark Web

If you’ve been hit with ransomware in the past, you might’ve had thorough backups so you could move on unaffected. Now, cybercriminals have pivoted to extorting companies. If you don’t pay them, they start uploading your sensitive data to the internet. Our video highlights several websites that list data stolen from various companies. Data includes bank details and information that could be damaging if sent to competitors. Dustin also shows how easily data breaches can occur for organizations that don’t keep their cybersecurity up to date and instead rely on older machines, servers, and software, not realizing the risks these pose for breaches in data security. Learn more about the dark web and how to protect your information online with our insightful webinar. Sign up for the dark web tour today!
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