A virtual Chief Information Officer, or vCIO, is an experienced IT professional with deep knowledge and understanding of business technology and strategy. vCIOs advise their clients in many ways, from IT security to operations. The main job of a vCIO is to keep your business’s technology running smoothly and performing optimally. What is a vCIO and how can one help your business?

How a vCIO Can Help Your Business

Adding a vCIO to your team can give you a serious edge over the competition by supporting the growth of business in alignment with your IT goals.


You’ll have access to their expertise when you need it most. Most vCIOs provide their services on-demand, meaning you can access their wealth of knowledge and experience when you need it instead of keeping a full-time vCIO in house.

They will help you build a robust and long-term technology strategy. Since vCIOs don’t have to focus the majority of their time trying to sell you more services or products, they are dedicated to the well-being of your organization. As such, they work to help build long-term business technology strategies that will align with your company’s unique goals and needs. vCIOs have a vested interest in the future success of the companies they work for, giving them every reason to help ensure a successful and smooth digital transformation.


A vCIO will help boost employee productivity. When you count on the expertise of a vCIO, you don’t have to scramble to call every employee into your office when the network is down. You won’t waste time trying to track down that one employee who is more tech-savvy than the rest. Instead, you’ll simply alert the vCIO, who is a dedicated IT professional, and they will take care of it for you. This allows you and your employees to spend more time focusing on the daily operations of the business, which leads to a boost in productivity and focus.

Reduces Risk

Reducing your operational risk should be a high priority for your business. When in the wrong hands, your data is at risk of being stolen or compromised. A breach can cost your company its credibility as well as a large chunk of change. A system failure can leave your business unable to function properly, which will lead to substantial losses. When you work with a vCIO you are proactively reducing your risk by simply investing in an experienced professional.

Future Planning

In this day and age, technology is the foundation of most businesses. When things go wrong with technology, it can have severe impacts on your operations, both in the short and long term. Ensuring your infrastructure is protected and has space to grow is essential in today’s market. Working with a virtual Chief Information Officer is both a proactive and strategy-driven choice that protects your valuable assets while allowing you the time to discover new opportunities and improve on your daily operations and practice.

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