Are your mobile devices truly secure? Do your employees download dozens of apps that could possibly compromise your business and client information?

Aaron Oliver, Senior Network Infrastructure Engineer with ThrottleNet, appeared on TNtv to discuss how to maintain business security with mobile devices.

Oliver said the controversial news about the Facebook Messenger application is a good example of how an app can generate privacy concerns and raise red flags among its users.

Many worry that Messenger and similar apps can actually take over your mobile device and record your audio, acquire your photos, and steal your contacts without your knowledge.

Oliver indicated that while the Facebook problem may be over-hyped, consumers should be aware of certain conditions and permissions associated with each app download.

When one downloads an app that displays your location or allows phone dialing from a contact list, a certain trust is shared between the user and app source.

Since most people never read the long list of terms involved, a user should do some research and make sure there are no reported problems associated with the application.

Most apps downloaded through the Apple Store have been vetted. However Android applications can come from a number of stores and sources, from large companies to home-based individual developers. One needs to ensure those sources are trustworthy before downloading the program.

Business owners should be especially aware of apps downloaded by employees. This is important when individual owned and/or company devices containing corporate and client data are used in day-to-day business operations.

Prevent Problems Caused by Mobile Security

To prevent problems, a mobile device user policy should be created in writing that indicates what employees can and cannot do.

Firms involved with HIPAA or FINRA, and high promises of customer anonymity, should install a software based central management system for even greater security.  Apps can also be installed on each phone that enable and restrict other application downloads.

Since this system is centralized, a manager need only push a button one time to install new information on each device.

For more information about mobile security contact ThrottleNet at (866) 826-5966.

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