Is your IT company trying to lock you in on a three year contract? Do they ask you to pay a premium for the privilege of speaking to the owner of the IT firm?

Mike Heil, a partner with ThrottleNet, appeared on TNtv to discuss how to watch for unnecessary gimmicks as IT firms attempt to secure your business.

Four Tips on Avoiding IT Gimmicks

1. Avoid Bonus Bucks. Many companies will offer points redeemable for hardware and other items if you sign a long term agreement. Companies such as ThrottleNet do not offer contracts instead putting their faith and reputation in their professional service and support. No amount of “free” labor and hardware is worth locking in a three year agreement. If a firm offers points and prizes in order to extend your agreement it probably is not a good working relationship.

2. Avoid Paying a Premium to Speak to the Owner. Some IT firms ask for a premium to speak directly to the owner of the company. They name this an Emergency Support or Super Priority Line. Most professionally run IT firms provide excellent support from the get-go. They also provide access to the owner anytime additional support is needed or a question arises. There is no need to pay additional fees for what should be a standard practice.

3. Avoid IT Companies That Fail To Adequately Protect Your Data. Strangely and sadly, one owner of an IT company is known for keeping their clients’ key information on thumb drives attached to his belt. He protects this data by keeping a 357 magnum in his pocket. He feels this is adequate in case someone attempts to steal this vital information. A business’s key information should be kept in a professional manner in the cloud where it is encrypted and cannot be touched.

4. Avoid White Box and Black Box Equipment. Some individuals promise to handle all your IT needs by building and installing their own home built equipment. This is not name brand reliable hardware and does not include a warranty. These boxes have not been tested and are not uniform in design or function. Should the individual move on or change companies your business is left with no back-up and no support, creating a number of major problems.

Overall businesses should steer clear of any gimmick that promises special rewards or extreme cost cutting measures that put the operation of their company at risk.

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