Outside, the temperatures are bearable and flowers and trees are starting to bloom.

Your server closet, however, is a completely different story.

Spring is often seen as a time of cleansing and is the perfect time to shore up loose ends in your infrastructure and conduct routine network maintenance.

Below are a few ideas to get you thinking about network maintenance and spring cleaning your network:

Organize Your File Paths

Over time, files can end up in the oddest places. Review your file structure and arrange it in a way that makes better sense for your employees to enhance productivity.

Disconnect Unused Network devices

Have printers, fax machines or other peripherals on your network that nobody is using? These can represent a vulnerability from a security standpoint and are just taking up bandwidth if unused.

Download Critical Updates and Patches

If you’ve ignored the signs to update network systems, spring is the perfect time to go ahead and make those updates. Keeping systems up-to-date is one of the most important network maintenance items out there. Most security breaches occur because of a failure to patch known security vulnerabilities so please, update when asked.

If You’re Not Using It, Lose It

Have files on your servers that haven’t been opened in years? Now would be a great time to file those away on and move them off the server.

Evaluate Your Bandwidth

After cleaning out your servers, estimate when you will need more space – whether that be now or a few years down the road. Being blindsided with the need to grow server space out of nowhere is not ideal, especially when you are working with a budget.

Figure Out If You Can Do This Alone

For small companies, IT and network maintenance is not always cost-effective when managed in-house. For a small monthly fee, local Managed Network Outsourcing Services may make sense for your business. A Virtual CIO will evaluate your network in its current state, and recommend improvements down the road.

Managed Network Services also include 24/7 monitoring, Anti-Virus and Spyware solutions, help desk and vendor management support.

Move your network forward this spring with the help of ThrottleNet. Contact us today to learn more.