With the way technology has taken over almost all of today’s processes, it’s no longer an option for companies to take care of cyber threats only when they strike and expect to remain in business. Companies need to take a proactive approach in protecting themselves from these threats (both internal and external) that can jeopardize operations, data, and reputations. 

That’s why St. Louis businesses are increasingly turning to managed network solutions that offer threat detection & response for insider risk management. 

Unfortunately, with the complexities surrounding cybersecurity and managed services, many businesses are choosing to go without the necessary protections, leaving them vulnerable to malicious actors. In this article, we will discuss exactly what insider threat management is and why it can be a game-changer for you and your team.

Insider Threat Management: What is It?

The first step in understanding the crucial need for ITM (Insider Threat Management) is discovering what an insider threat is. An insider threat can be categorized as any of the following:

  • Negligence: Unfortunately, employees are often your weakest link in the cybersecurity chain. Negligent insiders are normally familiar with the IT policies of a company and can intentionally or unintentionally ignore them.
  • Malicious Actions: Malicious insiders are those who deliberately take advantage of their access to networks and sensitive information in order to cause harm.
  • Unauthorized Access: Unauthorized individuals have the ability to gain access to a company’s networks without permission or authorization.

Now that the Insider Threat is made clear, management of these threats becomes a critical part of a business’s success. ITM is the process of proactively identifying, assessing, and responding to potential illegal activities or misuse of data within an organization.

It is a comprehensive security management approach centered around understanding who has access to sensitive resources, monitoring their activity, and providing alerts for any unauthorized behavior.

Threat Detection & Response

In order for your business to effectively combat these three types of threats, it must adopt an insider threat management solution with the capability to detect both malicious and negligent activities, as well as unauthorized access attempts. 

By integrating a combination of network security solutions such as firewalls and anti-virus software, coupled with advanced analytics tools that monitor user behavior, businesses can effectively use threat detection & response resources to prevent malicious and unauthorized activity.

Proactive Approach To Staying Secure

Taking a proactive approach when it comes to insider threat management means going beyond simply deploying solutions. Businesses need to move beyond simple detection and adopt an overall security strategy that takes into account both external and internal risks. This includes:

  • Monitoring Security Access: Companies should closely monitor who has access to their networks and resources, as well as the level of security associated with those accounts.
  • Implementing Alerts: In addition to monitoring user activity, companies should also implement alert systems that will notify them of any suspicious or unauthorized behavior. This can include both email notifications and text messages for quick identification and response.
  • Conduct Employee Education & Training: Employees should be educated on the importance of cybersecurity and how it relates to their job duties. Companies should also conduct regular training sessions aimed at helping employees stay up-to-date on the latest threats and techniques used by malicious actors.

Partnering with ThrottleNet for Improved Cyber Posture

No matter what industry you’re in or how large your team is, taking a proactive approach towards cybersecurity is essential for St. Louis based companies looking to protect their sensitive data and resources from unauthorized access. 

Partnering with ThrottleNet can give your business the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re protected from the ever-growing threat of insider attacks. From our managed network services to award-winning cybersecurity solutions, ThrottleNet is your trusted partner for improved cyber posture and enhanced cybersecurity through threat detection & response. Contact us today and see how we can keep your St. Louis business safe!

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