Your business is an investment, and we know that investing in inferior products is never a sound business decision.

Yet, business leaders continue to under-invest in IT, take shortcuts, hire the lowest bidder and allow goats into their workspace.

Going the cheap route on IT and Managed Services severely limits your ability to reach business transformation goals, and oftentimes results in overspending on other areas of your business. Business owners are always looking to cut costs, but in this age of technology, underspending on IT is not the answer.

Why Businesses Under-Invest in IT

1. They Don’t Take IT Risks Seriously

Some small business owners have the attitude that bad things could never happen to them. However, the list of IT risks to a business’ well-being is a long one. When hiring an It vendor, you have to account for every problem that could possibly happen and find out what that vendor does to prevent these issues from happening. Some of them are out of your hands. Natural disasters like tornadoes and floods can cripple your technological infrastructure. Do you have a Disaster Recovery Plan or a cloud backup in place? A cheap IT solution may not plan for everything that could possibly go awry.

As far as general IT risks go, you and your vendor need to take the probability of these occurrences seriously:

  • • Hardware and Software Failure
  • • Malware and Viruses
  • • Spam, scams and phishing attempts
  • • Human Error, such as bad data processing or an employee accidentally opening infected email

Other criminal IT risks need to be taken seriously as well, because they happen more often than we would like to think. Hacking, password theft and security breaches all compromise critical business data, and can have a negative effect on your perception by customers.

A reputable IT vendor will look at your risks and ways to cut down on them, which could save your company a substantial sum of money in the long run. A cheap IT vendor may not.

2. Everything is Fine Now


Your business has never made IT a budgetary priority in the past, and everything is working fine. Your revenue is up, and cutting into the bottom line for additional IT support seems like a waste of money. But what if something happens? What if your IT staff is taking shortcuts that work now, but may not be effective in a few months? An IT vendor ensures that everything is both fine now and in the future.

3. Business Owners Don’t Understand IT


Instead of hiring a company specializing in IT, business owners don’t see a benefit in funding a business process they don’t fully understand. They focus on what they know and ignore the rest. This way of thinking is extremely problematic and disturbing, yet some business owners take the risk.

Enhance Your Business Functions with a Strong IT Partner

The best IT isn’t always the cheapest solution, but a company like ThrottleNet more than pays for itself, offering Managed Network Solutions that look at the full spectrum of your business processes, identifying ways to address potential risks while saving your company both time and money. Last time we checked, time equates to even more money.


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