2020 brought an unexpected journey for just about every business. Companies and individuals all over the world saw everything get turned upside down in a hurry, and suddenly we couldn’t take anything for granted anymore. The importance of technology hasn’t been in question for quite some time, but reliable business IT became even more of a necessity in 2020. It’s hard to see so many local businesses in St. Louis struggling, but the silver lining is that we’ve become more resilient and more adaptable.

The things we learned this year will help us achieve business goals in the future, and the ability to learn from bad situations is what defines successful companies. Allowing employees to work from home occasionally is not the same as having a truly remote workforce. Many companies were prepared for some contributors to work online but weren’t ready to manage full teams without any central workforce in the office. When employees are only out of the office one or two days each week, it’s also possible to wait to go back into the office to complete certain tasks. One of the biggest lessons from the past year is that secure remote access and remote desktop connections are absolutely necessary for most businesses. Trust is important, and it needs to extend in every direction:

  • Managers need to trust that employees are working productively.
  • Employees need to trust that they’ll receive all of the support they need.
  • Customers need to trust that their data and transactions are secure and that their experience won’t be interrupted.

We have a lot of award-winning capabilities here at ThrottleNet, but we can’t build a trustworthy company culture It’s easier to gain trust when you can provide a completely secure environment. Hackers don’t take breaks, and many opportunists actually tried to prey on businesses during their moments of confusion in 2020. As more and more companies in St. Louis prepare for prolonged periods of remote work, cybersecurity will become even more important. If you’re still concerned that there may be soft sports in your business technology, ask a local IT company to perform a vulnerability audit and identify weaknesses before hackers do. This may not be what you expect to hear from one of the most award-winning IT companies in St. Louis, but it’s the truth. Technology can’t solve all of your problems all by itself. Even the best MSPs can’t be all things to all businesses at all times. It’s important to focus on defining efficient processes and keeping the lines of communication open. To that end, make sure you’re working with a managed IT company that understands their role as a supporting partner for your business goals. The best IT support companies understand that their success depends on yours. Instead of offering you a cookie-cutter solution, our team at ThrottleNet will take the time to understand what your business really needs and how we can help. How did your technology fail you in 2020, and how can outsourced IT services get things back on track for 2021? Connect with us today to see how the right MSP can keep you focused on growing your business.

16 Ways to Protect Your St. Louis Business From Cyberattacks

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