About ThrottleNet Inc.

Since 1999, ThrottleNet Inc. has served the same purpose it set out to accomplish – to provide small and medium-sized companies professional technology solutions that previously only large corporations could afford. Although our purpose hasn’t changed, we have grown and evolved into a complete IT business solution by aligning customers’ technology needs with their business goals.

Our Mission

ThrottleNet's mission is to consistently provide superior business I.T. solutions to small- and medium-sized companies. We help these companies by identifying technology barriers that have kept them from achieving their business goals and partnering with them to develop solutions for increased productivity.

ThrottleNet’s depth of knowledge, resources and experience ensures our customers that their IT infrastructure is efficient, protected, and well managed. We invested in core technology divisions that address all of a company’s IT needs including Managed Network and Managed Cloud. Through a vision shared by all of ThrottleNet, we strive to attain excellence while championing innovation, high standards, and growth. We take pride in being a future-minded company by anticipating the needs of our clients with the latest technology, data management, and security solutions.