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Find Out Why Clients Call Us One of the Best IT Companies to Work With in St. Louis

It’s one thing to think of ourselves as one of the best St. Louis IT companies. It’s another to have well-known brands in the St. Louis area call us one of the best IT companies they have worked with.

Over the years, ThrottleNet has gained a reputation as one the best IT companies in St. Louis. Our clients refer their clients and friends to us, and that’s something we think very highly of.

What makes an IT services company great? It’s all about providing personalized services, giving extra attention where extra attention is needed, listening and providing solutions you would expect from a top IT services company.

ThrottleNet delivers all on all of these fronts. We put our clients first and us second. It’s why we are considered by our clients as the preferred choice among other top St. Louis IT companies.

Don’t believe us? Check out these testimonials and see what real-life clients are saying about ThrottleNet:

Managed Network Services that go the extra mile

When it comes to offering managed services for networks, ThrottleNet clients have found an unparalleled level of support and service they wouldn’t have found with other St. Louis IT companies. 

Lambert Subsurface Consultants: Prompt and Friendly

"Ethan and Erin were life savers concerning my computer problem. Their availability, was huge, and their ability to resolve my concerns was amazing. Thank you for being there when I was truly in need of help!! I can't express enough how important it is that I have a company like yours to have our back!!"
- Holly Jenson

Bridgeton Animal Hospital: Prompt and Friendly

"We LOVE Throttlenet! We called with a computer problem and your team immediately resolved the issues, were prompt and very friendly. We have never had this type of experience with any other computer company we have worked with in the past. We are relieved that another vet recommended ThrottleNet to the Bridgeton Animal Hospital. You guys are the best!"
- Dr. Kay Tung, Veterinarian

Dielmann Sotheby's International Realty: Replaced Our IT Department

"Four Years ago I replaced our IT department, and outsourced our IT to ThrottleNet.  It was a risky move for our firm, but has turned out to be one of the best decisions the company has ever made.  The support and knowledge is exemplary."
- Kerry Brooks, Vice President/Sales and Development

Dielmann Sotheby's International Realty: Replaced Our IT Department

"I am eternally grateful to ThrottleNet. Would not know what to do without your help!"
- Marcia Harris, Sales Associate

Metropolitan Urological: Excellent Staff & HIPPA Security

"ThrottleNet has been supporting our organization since 2001. When we began our relationship with ThrottleNet, we were confronted with decisions on implementing new technology, as well as what technology to consider for our practice. Couple this with HIPAA regulations and it goes without saying this was a challenging endeavor; however, since partnering with ThrottleNet we have been able to ensure our network is prepared for the future and aligns with our practice goals and objectives."
- Kim Scally, Operations Manager

St. Louis Urological Surgeons: Fast Service & EMR Support

"Electronic Medical Records has been our biggest challenge with physicians and staff. Putting our trust and confidence in ThrottleNet has given us more security, with fast service and less downtime."
– Mindy Gaeng, EHR Manager for St. Louis Urological Surgeons

LMC Industries: Excellent Managed Network for Manageable Cost

"ThrottleNet brought a team approach to LMC's I.T. support by combining a fully staffed Support Center with Field Engineers to address our technical issues at a manageable cost. After seven years of working with ThrottleNet, we can say that we have found a vendor that we can trust. We would gladly recommend ThrottleNet's Managed Network solution to other companies in St. Louis."
- Keith Sullentrop, CFO of LMC Industries

Plancorp: Provided the Tech Tools to Help Us Serve Our Clients

"Over the past 10 years, Plancorp has experienced significant growth. We have transformed from a small practice in one location with fewer than 10 employees to now having 25 employees in three locations in different states. Immediate access to data, regardless of the location, is essential as is the integrity of that data. ThrottleNet has been an important partner in our incorporation of the latest tools we need to optimally serve our clients. Additionally, Managed Network has given our organization better control over the costs of maintaining our network. Technically, the remote functions have identified, and usually dealt with, potential problems before they interfered with our work."
- Dr. Robert Tucker, Vice President

Abeles & Hoffman: Identified Our Needs and Resolved Our Issues

"Within the past year, we have gone to a paperless environment. The challenges have been in upgrading our hardware and related software. ThrottleNet has been instrumental in assisting us in identifying our needs and resolving technical issues. Managed Network has worked well for us, and the team assigned to our firm has been very responsive to our needs. Obviously, during the months leading up to April 15, we are in a very time critical mode. ThrottleNet recognizes this aspect of our business and plans for our future needs to avoid downtime, as well as responding to any crisis that may arise."
- Toni Poole, Office Manager

Full-Throttle Development to Fit Diverse Client Needs

From database development to providing specific programming and support services, ThrottleNet just does it better than other St. Louis IT companies, according to these clients. 

Brown and Crouppen: Helping Us Better Serve Our Clients

"We contracted with ThrottleNet to build from scratch a database that would track all of our client prospects and guide our intake team to convert these prospects into clients. To say that this new database transformed our business would be an understatement. Not only did we convert more leads into clients but the advance tracking system allowed us to spend our marketing money far more effectively. ThrottleNet more than paid for themselves. I also appreciated that ThrottleNet took the time to understand our business and our processes. This was essential for a smooth transition with no interruption of our business. I would highly recommend ThrottleNet to anyone who wants to utilize really smart people to improve their business."
- Edward Herman, Senior Executive Officer

Results-Oriented Consulting Services

The best IT companies listen to their clients, evaluate their needs and create an actionable plan of attack to improve business functions. As an IT services company, ThrottleNet is able to provide consulting services a step above other St. Louis IT companies, according to testimonials from these four companies: 

Huey Enterprises: Consistent, Steady and Knowledgeable Staff

"We enjoy the willingness ThrottleNet offers to take on problems with a positive, can-do attitude. We also appreciate ThrottleNet's policy of bringing IT weaknesses to its clients’ attention and proposing solutions. They are consistent, steady and knowledgeable in all aspects of the IT field. ThrottleNet is quick to respond when we have computer problems, and they help in determining the best course of action to address IT needs as we continue to grow."
- Art Huey, CEO

Wies Drywall & Construction: Took the Time to Learn Our System

"Our service before ThrottleNet was a nightmare. Now we have a company that is committed to the client and their system. When ThrottleNet first came onboard, they went over our entire computer system to understand us better. Now ThrottleNet knows our system and can correct any problems that occur in a timely manner. I would recommend ThrottleNet to anyone who has a computer system that they want to run efficiently and more effectively."
- Ron Hobbs

Dielmann Sotheby's International Realty: Streamlined our Network

"We were looking to streamline our network processes when we came across ThrottleNet Inc. in early 2011. They were able to setup a network with a domain, as well as implement a plan that allowed for network support of individual agents' laptops and PCs. We now have remote access to our network with wireless access at our office and the ability to work from anywhere. ThrottleNet explained the process every step of the way in a kind and expert manner, and we would recommend them to any business out there looking for remote network support."
- Andy Dielmann, Owner

Municipal Equipment: Excellent Project Management Team

"In need of a new Web site, we chose ThrottleNet to create and host the site for us. We are glad we did! The project management is excellent as they kept us informed and involved from the start of the project to the end. ThrottleNet’s project managers listened to us about the site we invisioned, made suggestions on how to get there and put them into action. Their responsiveness and professionalism can't be beat!"
- Bobby Lyerla

Maintenance Services That Improve Employee Productivity

A slow network slows down business, which ends up costing businesses big bucks. Partnering with an IT services company in ThrottleNet for maintenance services have helped these clients improve the value of their staff and increase their ROI. 

St. Louis Orthodontic Group

"Thanks to the knowledgeable support team at ThrottleNet, our network is running faster and more efficient than ever before. I can trust them to resolve technical issues that might otherwise get in the way of running my business."
- Dr. Richard Goldberg

Condominium Property Mngmt: Noticed Immediate Improvements

"I wanted to reiterate how happy we here at Condominium Property Management are with Andy Schmuck, one of your field technicians. He is knowledgeable and efficient (and doesn’t make us feel like the idiots we probably are). Several employees have seen immediate and dramatic improvements in their computers’ boot times. Instead of waiting 20 to 30 minutes to boot, our computer now boot up in about one minute. He’s also set up a Web backup for us, which is something we’ve discussed for a long time, but never implemented. We look forward to a long relationship with ThrottleNet."
- Jane Oliver, President

Lanter Delivery Systems:Saved Us Thousands on Maintenance

"ThrottleNet was recommended to me by a friend who manages IT for a major law firm in St. Louis. When I engaged them, I immediately felt comfortable that they could get the job done. The difference in their methodology was immediately visible. Their team quickly got up to speed, and they placed highly qualified engineers and project managers on the job. Not only did ThrottleNet fix problems with the other companies work, but they finished the job on time and actually enhanced the final product through best practices and alternative engineering. They were able to improve and in some cases, completely redesign our scanning and manifesting programs. They implemented a brand new full scale EDI software package. ThrottleNet has saved us $20,000 per year on database maintenance and increased productivity by $30,000 per year, all with minimal impact to our daily operations."
- The Lanter Company

Training Solutions for Business

Some St. Louis IT companies don’t take the time to train and educate clients on ways to make their business better. ThrottleNet is an IT services company that does that and much, much, more. Take the word of these clients, who called us one of the best IT companies they could have worked with for training. 

Jones Elder Law: Personalized Training from Responsive Staff

"We reached out to ThrottleNet last year to update our Web site, and they have been great! In addition to a quick turn-around time with the site updates, ThrottleNet has also provided personalized training that allows us to maintain our own blog on the site. This one-on-one training reduces the costs associated with outsourcing our blog updates and allows us to update whenever we like. We would recommend ThrottleNet to anyone looking for a professional and responsive team of Web Developers!"
- Rosalind Robertson, Partner

Shalom House: Offered Personalized Training for Our Needs

"ThrottleNet understands our needs, often better than we (as non-technical people) can easily articulate. Recognizing that our organization operates with a small staff, Marc Arbesman came on-site to provide hands-on training which allowed us to gain the technical skills needed to create and edit our new site. Our training was very personalized and easy to follow. ThrottleNet enabled Shalom House to upgrade its website communications to a modern look and feel with easy navigation - which is a huge gift for a nonprofit organization on a lean budget! For anyone who is searching for a technology company who will not only produce results you want, but support you on a very personalized basis – ThrottleNet is for you!"
- Marcy Bursac, Development Director

You have now read why ThrottleNet is one the premier St. Louis IT Companies. Partner with an IT services company that cares about your company’s needs and goals in mind. Discover why we are one of the best IT services companies in St. Louis. Contact us today.