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5 Creative Ways to Use QR Codes in Your Marketing


Here are five creative ways to utilize QR codes in your marketing efforts for any occasion!

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Which Cell Phones Have the Highest Radiation Levels?


Should you be worried about the radiation levels emitted by your cell phone?

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ThrottleNet Inc. Ranked in the Top 10% for ShoreTel Customer Satisfaction Ratings


ThrottleNet Inc. has been ranked No. 18 out of 900 national ShoreTel partners for customer satisfaction ratings. Out of a possible 100 percent rating, ThrottleNet has achieved a rating of 99.52 percent (the top 10 percent).  

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ThrottleNet Listed as One of the "Best Telecommunications Firms in St. Louis"


ThrottleNet Inc. has been named one of the “Best Telecommunication Firms in St. Louis” by Small Business Monthly for its July Best in Business List.

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Is Your Business Prepped For Storm Season?


The recent tornadoes in Joplin, MO, and Oklahoma City, OK, remind us once again that tornado season is upon us.

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Why Sitting All Day is Dangerous and What You Can Do About It


For most of us, sitting at a desk all day is common place. But did you know sitting all day could kill you? Read on to learn more about this surprising (or not so surprising) finding.


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Come to Our Free ShoreTel VoIP Lunch and Learn - May 24, 2011


Come to our May 24th Free ShoreTel Lunch and Learn!

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ThrottleNet Discusses Email Scams and Epsilon Breach on KMOV


ThrottleNet CEO Mike Heil discusses the Epsilon Breach with KMOV. Would you know how to protect yourself from email and phishing scams?

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Facebook and Twitter are becoming ever more useful information sources. If you saw a helpful post or tweet a while ago but can't remember it exactly, here is a quick and easy tool to help you find it.

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12 Useful Keyboard Shortcuts We Can All Use


It’s nice to learn a lot of different and varying hot-key combinations to minimize the amount of hand movement from the keyboard to the mouse. Try these recommended by ThrottleNet:

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