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Getting Clear on Google Glass

Google Glass is generating lots of hype. The product which Google says may make wearable computing mainstream, has not even reached the marketplace.

In fact some estimates indicate Glass will not be available to the general public until late 2013 or 2014 at the earliest.

So why all the buzz?


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Could Your Business Be Hacked?

Computer hacking, hackers, and the unfortunate "hackees" have been a hot topic of late.

First it was the Chinese who were thought to employ an army of hackers to penetrate government infrastructure and the Fortune 500 companies.

Cybersecurity firm Mandiant reported that these hackers were looking to gain access to broad categories of intellectual property, including technology blueprints, proprietary manufacturing processes, test results, business plans, pricing documents, partnership agreements, and emails and contact lists from the leadership of various organizations. The Chinese Government has publicly denied any involvement.


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ThrottleNet Named A Best Company for Customer Service in St. Louis

ST. LOUIS, MO -- ThrottleNet, an IT firm based in St. Louis, MO has been named one of the top local companies for customer service by St. Louis Small Business Monthly, a magazine providing business ideas, strategies and insights for CEOs, CFOs, presidents, owners and other top executives  to help them grow their companies.

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Why A Mobile Application Makes Good Business Sense

By Marc Arbesman, ThrottleNet, Inc.

Many business owners are studying the impact of the growing mobile marketplace. Cell phone and tablet sales are increasing by tens of millions each year and executives are gauging how to interact with these devices to improve sales, enhance customer interaction and improve worker efficiency.


Consumers are not only purchasing these smaller devices for social use but are utilizing them to conduct business transactions. This trend will continue to increase. According to research firm Forrester, mobile commerce will reach $31 billion by 2016. A report by marketing research firm Gartner predicts by 2015 mobile apps will account for 50% of all sales....


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Is the Cloud Right for your Business

      Many large technology giants are pushing cloud services as the next big thing. They promote these services to be some sort of panacea for small and medium-sized business owners.       The promise is that companies can reduce costs and enjoy leading edge software and other virtualization by sharing these services in the cloud. The objective is to greatly reduce the expenditures involved with desk-by-desk purchases for office, CRM and other products. Long-term it provides a savings for on-site server upgrades and maintenance.      For those not familiar with the cloud, the wiki dictionary defines it as "the use of computing resources (hardware and software) that are delivered as a service over a network (typically the Internet".)      End users can access cloud-based applications through a web browser or a light-weight desktop or mobile app while the business software and user's data ...

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Throttlenet's Mike Heil Named to MSPmentor 250 list of Top Executives Worldwide

ST. LOUIS, MO, September 14, 2012 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Mike Heil, CEO of Throttlenet, Inc, in St. Louis, MO, was selected for Nine Lives Media's fifth annual MSPmentor 250. The global list identifies the world's leading managed services provider (MSP) executives, entrepreneurs, experts, coaches and community leaders. The MSPmentor 250 is available now at


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ThrottleNet Named One of St. Louis' Top 20 Companies

ST. LOUIS, MO -- August 29, 2012 -- ThrottleNet has been named One of St. Louis' Top 20 Companies by Small Business Monthly. The firm was honored at a luncheon held in St. Louis and will be featured in an article in the newspaper scheduled for September, 2012.

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Enter the Mobile Market with ThrottleNet's Mobile App Development


Are you looking for new ways to enhance your customer experience? Have you considered introducing a mobile app? 


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Are you challenged with putting cost controls around your Information Technologies?


As the backbone of most businesses, Information Technology is becoming a larger portion of a company's budget each year. As a result, it require business owners to be more engaged in an aspect of their company they are not completely familiar with - how to effectively manage their I.T. infrastructure. 

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Why Using a Cloud Server Is Key!


Providing you with a safe, reliable and secure alternative to purchasing your own hardware, a cloud server is highly cost effective and can greatly benefit your business.


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