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6 Critical It Tasks to Accomplish While Your Team Is On Summer Vacation

summer-it-tasksYou’re the IT guy and its mid-August. You look around the office and hear crickets. The boss is on summer vacation, and things are pretty quiet.

Peace is hard to come by in the IT world, and when things simmer down just a bit you want to do nothing more than just relax.

That’s never the case, however. Today you’re not being pulled in 10 different directions by 20 different people in three different departments. This means you finally have the time to get some real work done to benefit your organization and the possibilities are endless.

If things happen to slow down this summer take the time to address these six important IT tasks you may not have otherwise had the time to tackle. Read more!

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Is IT Underappreciated? See The IT Workplace Issues That Made Survey Respondents Say Yes

it-workplace-issuesThere are plenty of IT workplace issues that can cause stress for professionals every day.

Juggling multiple projects at once, creating short-term solutions to fix pop-up issues, training employees who just don’t get it and feeling let down when those same employees fail to follow the rules.

Those are all IT Workplace issues that can make a professional question why they went into IT in the first place – and if they are truly making an impact on their organizations.

A survey released by Kensington in the UK detailed some of the common barriers and frustrations IT professionals deal with on a daily basis – leading many to believe their work is underappreciated.

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App Development Lessons Learned From Pokemon GO


pokemon goFour Ways to Develop a Better Mobile Application

Augmented reality and millennial nostalgia have quickly helped make Pokémon Go the most popular game in mobile history.

Released in the United States on July 6, Pokémon Go allows players to explore the real world in a quest to be the very best Pokémon trainer.

Pokémon Go has become a huge hit with more than just those who grew up with the Game Boy cartridges, trading cards and animated show. With over 25,000,000 users in the United States playing the game per day, the app has seen retention rates more than twice the mobile app industry standard.

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Hidden Features in Windows 10 You Should Be Using

windows-10-hidden-featuresAlmost a year ago, Microsoft released its latest operating system, Windows 10. Microsoft OS users have slowly been updating from 8.1 to 10 (yes, Microsoft skipped Windows 9, in case you were wondering). This update has been free for the past year, but they’re ending that offer in a week on July 29th—so update now if you haven’t already!

The last time Microsoft released a major OS update, users got a little frustrated. There were some really big changes in layout and design, which made it unfamiliar. To avoid that problem this time around, Microsoft kept all the familiar features out in the open, and some of the new changes a little more hidden so users wouldn’t get lost maneuvering the new OS.

There’s plenty of features in Windows 10 that a lot of users still don’t know about. In this article, we’ll share five of them (which are actually quite easy to access and change) so you can use Windows 10 like a pro.

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Apple’s New iOS 10 Provides More Enhancements, Better Functionality


The beta version of Apple’s iOS 10 operating system has been made available to programmers and app developers. Targeted for public release this fall the system is touted as Apple’s biggest overhaul since the launch of iOS 7.



Though some believe it is more of slight upgrade than a major redesign, it offers users many enhancements and significant improvements in functionality.



On first glance iOS 10 offers... The beta version of Apple’s iOS 10 operating system has been made available to programmers and app developers. Targeted for public release this fall the system is touted as Apple’s biggest overhaul since the launch of iOS 7. 




Though some believe it is more of slight upgrade than a major redesign, it offers users many enhancements and significant improvements in functionality.


On first glance iOS 10 offers...


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From Working on Networks to Networking: IT Networking Tips for Network Pros

IT professionals don’t always have the reputation of being extroverts.

Whether you’re generally friendly and love to chat around the water cooler or are some mystery man who begrudgingly fixes everything that breaks in the office, networking is a necessity for any professional-level employee in any industry.

As it goes, there are “six degrees of separation” connecting you to everyone else in the world. Whether you are looking for a new IT job now, are open to better opportunities down the road or are happy with your current situation and never see yourself going anywhere else, it’s always a good idea to make connections with other like-minded individuals.

IT is a unique field because technical skills and brains are always in high demand. Networking is rarely a requirement to land that perfect job. However, a little bit of conversation with other people whose day-to-day closely resembles yours can give you more of a competitive edge and provide additional emotional satisfaction.

Here are three big ways IT pros can become better networkers. 

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Bans on Dumb Passwords: Elimination of Common Passwords Should Help Internet Security


123456. Password. 12345678. Qwerty. Abc123. Iloveyou.

These common passwords are dumb passwords.

Microsoft knows this.

You should too.

The everlasting and ongoing battle for internet security starts with the end-user ensuring their password can’t be hacked by common sense.

While leaked passwords are certainly never a good thing, Microsoft is making some good from data about common passwords compromised during leaks.

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Apple iPhoneSE: Small Package, Big Performance

Those looking to “downsize” from the too-big-to-fit-into-my-pocket smartphone market may want to take a hard look at Apple’s new iPhone SE.

The phone offers plenty of the same features found in its larger counterparts, all wrapped in a smaller package.


The device is light and compact. It comfortably fits into your hand. Though only 4 inches, it is still powerful.





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Summer Fridays: Equipping Your Employees to Work from Home Without Technology Problems


Ah, sweet summertime. Firing up the grill, watching some baseball, maybe hitting the links or taking a dip in the pool and…going back to work on Monday and doing the same thing you did all Winter long.

In the United States, there is no such thing as a summer break from the real world. Despite the all-American work ethic, employee engagement naturally declines during the summer months. Unless they’re trapped in a windowless room, the bright sunlight shining through the office windows can knock employees off their game and get them dreaming of all the things they would rather be doing during the workday.

There is a lot of work that has to happen behind the scenes to keep companies that allow working from home running on Summer Fridays.

If an employee doesn’t have access to their email or the important files they need, they’re not working. It’s as simple as that.

From an IT perspective, several steps need to be taken to ensure successful implementation of a Summer Fridays program. Read more!




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Business Process Outsourcing: 5 Things to Outsource When You Want Your Business to Grow


Have you ever looked outside your organization to complete more specialized tasks?

Outsourcing can be a dirty word to some business owners. When some hear the word “outsourcing” their minds automatically jump to lower cost overseas outsourcing that can be more of a headache than a helpful strategy.

The game has changed. You don’t need to reach for the soap when you hear someone say “you should probably think about outsourcing this or that.”

There are several reasons for and benefits to outsourcing. It can help alleviate overburdened employees or add value in areas that don’t require a full-time skilled worker.

Luckily, outsourcing doesn’t have to go overseas. There are plenty of companies right here in St. Louis and across the United States specializing in business process outsourcing. As a business owner, research is critical to determine the legitimacy and strengths of an outsourced business partner.

Here are 5 routine and necessary tasks your business should consider outsourcing to a trusted partner...




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