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As a managed network company, we write quite a few blog posts about managed network services. Get our thoughts on the latest industry trends along with hundreds of different reasons to outsource some aspects of your IT operations. Read more below!

Understanding your RPO and RTO in Disaster Recovery

How much downtime can your business handle? Disaster means different things to different people, and different businesses have different risk levels and different tolerance for risk. The boilerplate statistics around failing to recover from a largescale data loss aren’t on your side. It’s said that 60% of companies who lose their data are no longer a company within six months.

When getting started with setting up a disaster recovery plan, your business must understand its RPO – Recovery Point Objective and RTO – Recovery Time Objective. 

By setting these goals, businesses will fully understand their tolerance for risk and have a clear roadmap towards restoring operations to normal levels.

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Assessing Your IT Resources: How to Find the Right Solution for Your Business

Information technology is a vital component of business operations that can be approached several different ways. Unfortunately, finding the level of talent needed to appropriately operate an IT department is becoming harder for executives to find and maintain.

There are three ways to approach your IT resource needs. You can either hire a full-time IT professional or a team to dedicate themselves to your technology or processes, a consultant to step in and set the foundation or an outsourced third-party vendor to fully-manage all aspects of your IT.

There are positive reasonings behind all three options, but one sticks out as a true winner for small businesses.

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Is Your IT Infrastructure Falling Behind? Here are the Warning Signs to Look Out For

Every company wants to get a grip on their technology, but is your infrastructure on the same page as you are?

Technology and threats designed to compromise it are both rapidly evolving, and your team needs to ensure that its infrastructure keeps pace.

Too often, companies get complacent with the status-quo, failing to update and patch software, integrate new cloud technologies or ignoring end-user issues that have become commonplace over time.

When your technology falls too far behind, it’s important to properly detect the warning signs that may arise and develop a plan to correct your deficiencies.

IS your IT in need of a refresh? If any of these five signs are consistently popping up, it may be.

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Understanding the Biggest Loopholes in Your Data Recovery Plan

Loopholes in your disaster recovery plan can have serious consequences after a breach takes place. While no organization wants to fall victim to a data breach, the numbers are not on everyone’s side. Small businesses are especially susceptible to cyber security attacks. Last year, 61% of breaches occurred within the infrastructure of small companies.

While an organization can proactively manage their technology to ensure they’re always protected, a disaster recovery plan is an essential part of any IT strategy.

Truth be told, even the best DR plans can have weaknesses. In this article, we talk about the most common problems seen in DR plans and how they can be addressed.

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5 Reasons Startups Need to Invest in IT Support Services

Time and money are extremely important for startups trying to make it in today’s business environment. As an entrepreneur trying to prove an idea to the world, you don’t have time to handle IT yourself and don’t have the money to hire a CIO who will command a 6-figure salary and several weeks of vacation.

Because hiring internally isn’t always ideal or feasible for the cost-conscious, hands-on business owner or investor, many see incredible value in outsourced managed services providers to ensure their IT is working just as hard as they are.

In the hot St. Louis startup scene, your business needs a competitive advantage. Outsourcing critical IT functions may be the answer. Read more about why bootstrapping startups in the St. Louis area should turn to a Managed Network provider to keep their IT in check.

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A Case for Partial IT Outsourcing: Supplementing Your Team with Managed Services

Integrating managed services into an organization does not have to be a fully-outsourced solution. More and more organizations are turning to managed network providers for partial IT outsourcing even if they currently have and wish to continue to have an internal team managing aspects of their information technology.

A reliable managed network partner can seamlessly work as a supplement to your existing IT team, helping monitor your infrastructure, manage security requirements and help resolve any everyday incidents that may occur.

Discover 5 reasons why companies who intend to continue managing IT in-house can still benefit from partial IT outsourcing with a Managed Network provider.

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Managing IT Operations in a Small Business: Tips to Make Your Life Easier

Small Business IT ManagementIt’s better to work smarter rather than harder, especially when the two roads take you to the same place. In many cases, that holds true for managing IT operations. For small businesses, maintaining and stabilizing infrastructure can keep you up at night especially when you lack the time and resources to gain control of your IT.

Regain your composure with these helpful tips for small business IT management from the experts at ThrottleNet.

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The Advantages of IT Automation & How It Can Help Your Business

IT automation is catching on as a commonly accepted practice by IT professionals to cut down on repetitive processes performed in both datacenters and cloud deployments.

Through automation, software is used to create instructions and processes that replace or reduce the degree at which humans are involved with managing an IT system.

In theory, just about every IT task can be applied some level of automation, but does not replace the need for humans to manage network infrastructure. Automation just makes managing IT easier. Automation is a method of enhancing how IT systems operate and making the most our of key personnel within your IT team.

How can your IT services benefit from an automated approach to IT?

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Five Tips for Sticking to Your Vendor Management Standards

Vendor management standards - ThrottleNet

Successful vendor management is like many things in life. Companies partner with software and service vendors because they offer a solution that aligns with their needs. 

Initially, everything seems great, but the first big test for a new vendor comes when you have questions or when things don’t go as planned.

When working alongside a third party there are certain vendor management standards you must adhere to in order to make the most of your relationship. Remember, you’re in this together.

So what are the secrets to nurture and utilize the most from the relationship with your software and service vendors? How can a managed services provider further simplify vendor management?

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The Big Benefits of Proactive IT Support

Proactive IT Support - ThrottleNetMany businesses take a reactionary approach to managing their information technology. When something breaks it gets fixed. 

Reacting to network issues pulls critical employees away from their key job responsibilities, and often results in extended downtime, which hinders workplace productivity and profitability. 


Your IT strategy should serve as insurance to prevent network issues from occurring during business hours in the first place. You never want to crash your car but you purchase insurance just in case. Your approach to information technology management should follow the same principle. 


By taking a proactive approach to IT management, we help businesses prepare for the future.  Read on to find how.

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