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The Future Of Credit Cards With Chip And Pin Technology Is Coming To America

credit card pin and chip technologyCredit Card chip technology has been common in Europe, and most of the world for several years, but it took a large, nationwide data breach at Target, one that taught us many valuable business lessons, to convince American banks and retailers to begin to stray away from the current credit card technology, which has been around for more than 50 years.

The future of credit cards is coming in the next 18 months, according to Bloomberg. The transition to chip and pin technology won’t be easy, though. Visa and Mastercard have set a deadline of October 2015 to implement this technology, which seems optimistic, considering only 1.5 percent of existing cards and 10 percent of sales terminals are ready as of right now.

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Retailers Now Offer Free Consumer Credit Monitoring But Is It Enough?

Retailers Target and Micheal's are taking major steps to regain customer confidence lost in recent data breaches. Those security breaches impacted millions of customers and caused numerous credit and identity problems for shoppers.

Both companies are now offering free services to combat future problems. Some include no-charge credit monitoring for one year, free annual credit reports, access to a fraud resolution agent should you be a victim of ID theft, and fraud resolution insurance up to $1 million to cover any costs that may occur.

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Does Bitcoin Make Good Sense?

By Marc Arbesman, CIO, ThrottleNet, Inc.

What is the hottest technology development of 2013? Most experts will point to the rise of bitcoin.



Bitcoin is on the rise as a digital currency used worldwide. It is a type of money controlled and stored entirely by computers spread across the Internet. More people and more businesses are starting to utilize it.

Unlike a plain U.S. dollar or Euro, bitcoin is also a form of payment system sort of like Paypal or a credit card network.

You can hold on to it, spend it or trade it. It can be moved around cheaply and easily almost like sending an email.

Bitcoin allows you to create transactions without revealing your identity. Yet the system operates in plain public view.





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