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Is your PC running slow? Do you know how to clear your cache? Be the smartest person in your office with these PC tips from the experts at ThrottleNet. Check out the below blog posts to learn more!

Five Tips for Managing Calendars in Outlook 2010


Outlook 2010 introduced some calendar enhancements that make it easier to stay on top of your appointments and coordinate the schedules of everyone on your team. Here’s a quick look at how to take advantage of these features.

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Why Sitting All Day is Dangerous and What You Can Do About It


For most of us, sitting at a desk all day is common place. But did you know sitting all day could kill you? Read on to learn more about this surprising (or not so surprising) finding.


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Facebook and Twitter are becoming ever more useful information sources. If you saw a helpful post or tweet a while ago but can't remember it exactly, here is a quick and easy tool to help you find it.

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12 Useful Keyboard Shortcuts We Can All Use


It’s nice to learn a lot of different and varying hot-key combinations to minimize the amount of hand movement from the keyboard to the mouse. Try these recommended by ThrottleNet:

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Top 5 Tips for Buying a New Computer


Looking to avoid an expensive mistake? Remember these top 5 tips when buying a new computer.

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10 Awesome Google Tricks


Here are 10 little-known features across various Google services that could change the way you work, or perhaps make life that little bit easier (via PCWorld)


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Top 10 Facebook Tips for Getting Started


Need help getting started on Facebook? Try these top 10 tips from ThrottleNet. Still have questions? Let us know!

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10 Solid Tips to Safeguard Your Facebook Privacy


This guide will show what you can (and cannot) do to safeguard your Facebook privacy in 10 easy steps.

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Why do Computers Crash? Top 5 Reasons Your PC Might Crash

Computer crashes can be triggered by a variety of issues. Here are the top five issues we found recommended by Luckily, these are relatively easy to fix!

Computers crash for a variety of reasons. Random computer crashes are both frustrating and difficult for an average user to diagnose, but underneath the surface of a computer crash are five likely culprits examined examined in this article powered by ThrottleNet.

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Three Easy Ways to Find Your Lost iPhone


How many times have you gone out and accidentally left your expensive iPhone on a restaurant table, in a movie theater cup holder or a public bathroom sink? Thanks to the Internet, you can now track your lost or stolen iPhone!

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