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Is your PC running slow? Do you know how to clear your cache? Be the smartest person in your office with these PC tips from the experts at ThrottleNet. Check out the below blog posts to learn more!

How to Stop Online Ads That Follow You Around the Internet & Save Christmas

You just bought your wife a nice Christmas present online. You’ve followed through with your purchase and can kick back to enjoy a nice, steaming mug of hot chocolate while basking in your accomplishment. She asks to use the computer. No big deal, right?

While online security is a big concern consumers have during the holiday season, as more than 44% of holiday gifts are purchased online, your biggest security concern may be ads that follow you around the internet and keeping them from the person you love the most.

During the holiday season, online marketers are beefing up their personalized retargeting efforts, utilizing the Google Display Network to target past visitors who have viewed product pages or have added those products to their online carts.

Personalized retargeting ads can appear just about anywhere, as retailers and their marketing partners are creating ads that follow you around the internet and buying up space on all kids of websites, including social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

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Why You Should E-Cycle & How Your Company Can Get Involved

how to recycle electronics in st. louisAs many of our current customers know, ThrottleNet is a huge advocate of e-cycling, and has made a commitment to e-cycle whenever given the opportunity, either for ourselves or for our clients.

When companies go through hardware refresh cycles, they are often left with a heaping quantity of old computer equipment that takes up space and serves no real purpose. The fact is, many business owners don’t know how to recycle electronics and do not know of a computer recycling center in their area.

For most, it’s out with the old and in with the new, but what happens to the old?

Electronics are just like any other re-usable material, just like plastic or paper. The problem is, computers aren’t exactly biodegradable and while e-cycling requires special steps and commitments, it’s becoming more and more important for companies to step up and join in these initiatives.

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Should You Be Banking On Apple Pay?

By George Rosenthal

Apple Pay is here.  This is the company’s big attempt to turn your iPhone into a wallet. It is also Apple’s attempt to grab a portion of the $4 trillion payments industry.

How does it work? First you will need an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus. These phones have special “NGC” chips which are needed to pass details of payments to the retailer.

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Future Alternatives to Passwords: Is Change Coming?


alternatives to passwordsOver time, technology changes. 10 years ago, cloud computing didn’t exist. Neither did iPhones. The PlayStation 2 was the most advanced gaming system of all time and hybrid vehicles were just hitting the market.

There is no doubt that technology is evolving at a faster clip than ever before. Recently, there was news that credit cards would begin using pin and chip technology to cut down on identity theft, but credit card security is just one aspect of our identity, and just one piece of information that is stored online. What about password encryption?

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Technology & Divorce - Social Media and Digital Nuptials

What role does your social media activity play in a divorce proceeding and is there a way to protect yourself so your postings and photos are kept private?

Jonathan Marks, attorney and owner of The Marks Law Firm, appeared on TNtv to continue his discussion of how new advancements in technology are impacting family law.

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Technology and Divorce - To Spy Or Not To Spy?

Are you thinking about getting a divorce? Do you understand all the legalities involved in utilizing the latest technology to build a case against your spouse?

Jonathan Marks, attorney and owner of The Marks Law Firm, appeared on TNtv to discuss how new advancements in technology are impacting family law.

In the first of a three-part TNtv segment, Marks discussed...

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Top 5 Reasons Your PC Could Crash

Is your PC running slower and slower? Are you suddenly getting dozens of unwanted pop-ups every time you access the Internet? Does your machine seem to be constantly re-booting itself?

Mike Heil, CEO of ThrottleNet, appeared on TNtv to discuss the top 5 warning signs you need to watch for to avoid a total PC crash. These include…

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Consumer Alert: Be Aware of Microsoft Tech Phone Scam


A new telephone scam is beginning to impact computer users nationwide.

“The Microsoft Tech Support Scam” involves an unwarranted solicitation from a caller identifying themselves as a tech support person with Microsoft.

The caller then details several problem areas that need to be corrected immediately on your computer...


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How to Speed Up Your Computer’s Efficiency

Do you constantly find yourself waiting for webpages to load, programs to open and your computer to boot up?  If so, there are easy ways to speed up your computer and help it run more smoothly. By simply analyzing the files and programs located on your computer, you can reduce the time waiting for items to load, the amount of energy your machine requires to run, and the cost of buying new hardware. Check out several actions you can take to improve your computer’s efficiency...

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Why Your PC Is Running Slow


By:  Aaron Oliver, Senior Network Infrastructure Engineer, ThrottleNet



Is the performance of your PC constantly getting slower and slower? 

Many factors can be contributing to a slow-down in efficiency.

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