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Essentials for an Effective Backup System


It’s inevitable that at some point your business will experience data loss. It could be a fire, power surge, hardware failure, or even basic operator error. Not backing up important data are an invitation for disaster. To reduce the risk of losing critical business information, you need complete protection for your important files. To protect against data loss and minimize productivity loss, you need to follow a few essential principles to keep your business running smoothly.

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Improve Company Operations Through Business Intelligence

By: Marc Arbesman, CIO, ThrottleNet


Click Here to watch Marc's TNtv interview regarding Business Intelligence 

Is your company good at collecting data but unsure what to do with it?

Point of sales information, order transactions, and other revenue generating data often gets stored but never fully analyzed from a global point of view.


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Microsoft Office 13: The Good, The Bad and The Undecided


Microsoft has launched Office 13. The follow-up to Office 10 offers some new features that users may appreciate and find most useful. However it fails to qualify as anything resembling breakthrough technology and may leave many on the undecided list as to whether the software is a necessary investment.


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Why A Mobile Application Makes Good Business Sense

By Marc Arbesman, ThrottleNet, Inc.

Many business owners are studying the impact of the growing mobile marketplace. Cell phone and tablet sales are increasing by tens of millions each year and executives are gauging how to interact with these devices to improve sales, enhance customer interaction and improve worker efficiency.


Consumers are not only purchasing these smaller devices for social use but are utilizing them to conduct business transactions. This trend will continue to increase. According to research firm Forrester, mobile commerce will reach $31 billion by 2016. A report by marketing research firm Gartner predicts by 2015 mobile apps will account for 50% of all sales....


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5 Creative Ways to Use QR Codes in Your Marketing


Here are five creative ways to utilize QR codes in your marketing efforts for any occasion!

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Is Your Business Prepped For Storm Season?


The recent tornadoes in Joplin, MO, and Oklahoma City, OK, remind us once again that tornado season is upon us.

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Top 10 Facebook Tips for Getting Started


Need help getting started on Facebook? Try these top 10 tips from ThrottleNet. Still have questions? Let us know!

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Gartner Identifies the Top 10 Strategic Technologies for 2011


So what does Gartner think will be the top 10 strategic technologies for most business in 2011? Take a look! (Luckily ThrottleNet can help you with most of these!)

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Introducing ShoreTel Mobility for the International Workforce


We now have the ShoreTel Mobility Solution - Redefine the meaning of the mobile workforce and put the power of the desk phone in their pockets!

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