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ThrottleNet’s founder, George Rosenthal is the KMOX Cybersecurity expert. He discusses IT support, Artificial Intellegence (AI) and IT support as a regular radio guest on radio stations in the St. Louis area.

At ThrottleNet, we know that speed matters when it comes to IT support and cybersecurity solutions. Just like Masyn Winn and Tommy Edman’s lightning-fast movements on the baseball field, our award-winning IT support & cybersecurity solutions can help your business move quickly and efficiently towards its goals. Contact us to see why KMOX trusts us to provide technology expertise to businesses around St. Louis. 

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ThrottleNet’s response time is almost as fast as the pitch clock! Our less than 2 minute average response time will get your business back running before the inning is over.

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Cybersecurity Solutions that Keep your Business from Striking Out

At ThrottleNet, everything we do is focused on helping businesses use technology and protecting them from cybercriminals. We hire expert IT professionals and incentivize them with our open book management philosophy to keep businesses running smoothly.

Our team of experts is dedicated to providing fast and reliable 24/7 IT support to help you avoid any technical setbacks that could slow down your business growth. In addition, we specialize in comprehensive cybersecurity solutions that can protect your company from the growing ransomware thread landscape and other cyber criminal activities.

With ThrottleNet’s 24/7 network monitoring and cyber protection program, you can focus on achieving your business goals in 2023, knowing that your IT infrastructure is in good hands. 

Don’t wait for your next IT crisis. Find your businesses weakness before it’s hacked with a free vulnerability assessment and dark web scan for your company. 

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Find out how you can shed light on the dark web

Our video highlights several websites that list data stolen from various companies. Data includes bank details and information that could be damaging if sent to competitors. We show you how easily data breaches can occur for organizations that don’t keep their cybersecurity up to date and instead rely on older machines, servers, and software, not realizing the risks these pose for breaches in data security. Learn more about the dark web and how to protect your information online with this informative video.

16 Ways to Protect Your St. Louis Business From Cyberattacks

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15 Ways to Protect Your Business from Cyberattacks

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