Welcome to TN Knowledge. Today Brian Fietsam, Network Engineer, will be walking us through how to find your computer name and IP address. Watch Now!

Video Transcript

Welcome to TN Knowledge. Today I will be showing you how to get your computer name and IP address.

Where to Find Your Computer Name:

To get your computer name, you will right-click on the start menu. This will vary if you have Windows 7 versus Windows 10. Most people now have Windows 10. Right-click on the Start Menu, click on system and you'll see the device name.

Where is My IP Address:

To find your IP address you'll right-click on the computer icon down by the clock, might be a computer icon or it might be a wireless icon. It depends on how you're connected. Open network and internet settings and click on change adapter options.

Depending on how you're connected. Right now, I'm on ethernet, right-click,
on the status and click on details. We're looking for this auto-configuration ipv4 address.

Thank you for watching. We look forward to seeing you next time.


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