In this episode of TN Knowledge Greg Bartlett, Network Engineer reviews how to access Web Email Office 365 and change/update your password. Watch Now!

Video Transcript

Today we will be reviewing how to access your email through Outlook web access. Open up one of your internet browsers. Today we'll be using Google Chrome.

Office 365 Access:

Type in to access the sign-in page. Input your Office 365 Email into the space provided. It will then request that you input your password, and this will gain access to the Office 365 portal from here.

Choose the Outlook option that will open up a new tab within your web browser, which then you're able to get to your inbox your sent items your calendar.

Updating Your Password:

Finally, if you're wanting to change your password, gain access to the Office 365 portal. You can go to the settings at the top. Choose the gear icon in the top right corner. It will redirect you to a page asking you to input your old password for security purposes after inputting your old password,
you will need to think of a new password that will meet your company's password requirements.

Thanks for watching. We look forward to seeing you next time.


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