Did You Hear About ThrottleNet on the Dave Glover Show?

If you’ve been listening to the Dave Glover Show on FM NewsTalk 97.1 recently, you might have heard a familiar name during the commercial break. That’s right, Dave was talking about ThrottleNet and how we’ve saved St. Louis area businesses more than $2.6M in potential ransomware losses this year alone.

Think you missed it? No you didn’t! Catch the clip again right here:

DGS AD from ThrottleNet, Inc. on Vimeo.

What Is ThrottleNet?

ThrottleNet is an all-inclusive managed IT service, providing local businesses and organizations in the St. Louis region with a full-time outsourced IT department. You focus on your business, we provide IT support, protect your network and data from threats like ransomware and phishing attacks, and keep your IT systems running smoothly. Our service allows even small, local companies to benefit from world-class IT so they can stay competitive and better serve their customers.

Assess Your Security Risk

Not sure if ThrottleNet can help you – or if you even need help in the first place? Start with a simple and free external vulnerability audit to assess your needs. Our experts will scan your network and tell you where your weak spots are so you can fix them before they get exploited.

Make The Move to Better IT Security

Try ThrottleNet Free for 30 Days!

If you’re worried about IT security and ready to take steps to protect your network, there’s never been a better time to make your move. ThrottleNet is now offering a simple, no-obligations 30 day guarantee for St. Louis area businesses. No contracts, no up-front fees. You can leave at any time if you are not satisfied. Or you can stay with us forever. Either way, the first 30 days of service is on us.

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