This month, ThrottleNet was voted #1 in Best of IT 2019 in St. Louis through the Small Business Monthly’s Best in Business IT category. This poll surveys thousands of business professionals and influencers throughout the Greater St. Louis area.

Within the past couple of years, ThrottleNet has grown exponentially through its success and attributes. We pride ourselves on having the best support and IT services for our customers and this prestigious award further proves this promise.

We are honored to claim the number one spot for Best IT Firm among a list of very reputable companies in St. Louis.


IT security and development has greatly evolved over the recent years and the clients today are wanting dexterity and dependability that ThrottleNet is made to supply. That is why we as a company have clenched the #1 spot of Best in IT 2019 through the Small Business Monthly.
We are assembled of amazing team members whose first priorities are our customer’s needs and excellent service. With this and our company’s constant advancement, this award have further proved our success in IT security and management for our clients.


ThrottleNet’s President, George Rosenthal, states his best advice for other business owners to find success in business:

“I would encourage business owners to investigate the benefits of Open Book Management. ThrottleNet implemented this management methodology in 2010 and it’s been a major factor in our success. The reason is that when you engage your people in the financials of the business and share in its profitability, they begin to have an increased sense of accountability. They can see exactly how their efforts help the company generate revenue and look for ways to either increase it or save it because they know that this will result in increased profitability for the company and, in turn, them and their families.
This is also why the majority of our plans don’t have term agreements. Our people know the value of our clients and will work tirelessly to ensure their satisfaction resulting in increased client retention, profitability and paychecks.”



Our success is attributed to our dedicated world-class IT services and ongoing advancements, open book management, and our focus on our customers. Our open-book system is not only about including our financial statements with our partners, it is about expanding our company throughout our organization, responsibility, and proprietorship. We provide exceptional training to our team members to drive their ownership and engagement in our company. Our talented team members have a huge impact on our everyday tasks and decisions that lead to the overall success of ThrottleNet.

Our company’s success stems from our trusting customers, partners, and amazing team who have helped us grow and do what we do best; support and development. Through dynamically managing and creating reliability our customers can count on us to provide them with the best IT support and security. Our goal is to help your business succeed through saving you money and time which will build productivity. We are honored to hold the Best in IT 2019 title and to be a part of something so special and meaningful to our company. Without our loyal consumers and team members ThrottleNet would not be where it is now, so we thank you for that. We owe all our success to you!

Let us show you how much we appreciate our customers and why we are Best in IT.

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