It’s inevitable that at some point your business will experience data loss. It could be a fire, power surge, hardware failure, or even basic operator error. Not backing up important data are an invitation for disaster. To reduce the risk of losing critical business information, you need complete protection for your important files. To protect against data loss and minimize productivity loss, you need to follow a few essential principles to keep your business running smoothly.

Virtual server protection. In a virtual environment, you are facing critical challenges for protecting sensitive data beyond what you see in your physical enterprise data center. With virtual server protection, you can take full advantage of virtualization technology developments and enable private and public cloud data centers while continuing to meet all your data management, protection and retention needs.

Backup on-site and off-site. To quickly recover from hardware failures, viruses or accidental deletion, it is important to have an on-site backup in addition to the off-site copy. All data stored on the local device is replicated to off-site data centers. This combination merges the convenience of on-site backup with the added protection of off-site backup, providing complete data reliability regardless of any failure.

Minimize business disruption from outages. Today, more and more companies are moving toward zero tolerance for downtime. Business process outages can result in loss of productivity, customers and revenue. An effective backup system will help avoid costly interruption due to unplanned outages and ensure business continuity.

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