Business hardware is a significant investment, but technology evolves & business needs change to keep pace. Because of this, every business should be mindful of an upcoming PC replacement cycle – whether that occurs because of performance, time or a hardware emergency.

While most companies inherit the mindset of replacing only when something is broken, a best practice is to conduct a PC replacement cycle every 3-4 years.

When it’s time to conduct a PC replacement cycle and the excitement over the new technology wears off and the bill gets paid, often business owners are left with a pile of old, outdated hardware that sits in a closet somewhere to be forgotten.

Never more, Never more.

Business computer recycling is an important practice to be mindful of when it’s time to replace outdated business systems. But where can I take old computers? How much will this cost? Can’t I just call up the recycling company and let them take care of it for me? Business computer recycling is important, but can be a pain point for businesses. Below, we answer all the questions you may have about business computer recycling:

Why Should I Recycle Outdated Business Hardware?

There are countless reasons why business computer recycling should be done over throwing machines away or letting them sit in a closeted graveyard.

Computers contain chemicals and hazardous materials that can cause real problems for the environment if left to rot in a landfill. Because of this, electronics dumping is illegal in many states and has resulted in hefty fines for some companies. In 2014, AT&T had to pay a $52 million settlement for illegally dumping e-waste, including costs to update its procedures, fines & court fees.

The chemicals in electronics can seep into the water supplies or polluting the air if burnt.

Recycling often results in many of the components of an old computer to be re-used, decreasing the time spent manufacturing new machines and hopefully keeping costs down.

Certified electronics recycling companies will wipe hard drives prior to giving the equipment a second life, protecting you from identity theft that can occur if a computer in a landfill gets picked up by an intrepid dumpster diver.

Where Can I Take Old Computers for Recycling?

When you complete a PC replacement cycle, do a web search for local electronics recycling companies near you.

We recommend using a local company for business computer recycling, but some big box electronics retailers like Best Buy also accept recycling drop off. Best Buy will sometimes offer users who recycle coupons, currently offering 15% off a mouse, keyboard or printer with drop off an item in the same category.

ThrottleNet partners with SpectrumEcycle located on Page Industrial Blvd. in West County (St. Louis) for our own business computer recycling needs and those of our clients.

Along with our SpectrumEcycle partnership, ThrottleNet also partners as a reseller of top names in hardware like Dell, Microsoft, SonicWall, Symantec & more to help get customers get the most value out of a PC replacement cycle. Ask about our IT Hardware procurement services by calling 866-826-5966.

How Much Does Business Computer Recycling Cost?

Unfortunately, while business computer recycling is doing the environment a favor and you’re relinquishing your ownership of the hardware, it’s not free. Recycling is a service – and while you may not notice the cost of your personal residential recycling service, that costs money too, as recycling companies must invest heavily in infrastructure to properly do their job.

SpectrumEcycle charges $15 for each CRT monitor, $5 for an LCD monitor and $10 for certified or witnessed data destruction (per hard drive). Computer towers, printers & peripherals are free to recycle. They charge an $85 pickup fee in the St. Louis area, which is waived for pickup of at least 25 computers, laptops or servers. Spectrum offers special pricing to non-profit customers. Read more about recycling with SpectrumEcycle.

Note, that Best Buy does not offer hard drive wipes as a standard service, and suggest recyclers do so themselves before recycling business computers or using the in-store Geek Squad. Best Buy also places limitations on recycling quantity, and charges $25 per monitor regardless of type.

At ThrottleNet, we’re committed to saving the environment through business computer recycling because it’s just the right thing to do. If you’re planning a PC replacement cycle, contact us to learn more about our hardware procurement solutions and our work alongside SpectrumEcycle.