Owners of Western Digital hard drives have just experienced a devastating cyber-attack. Used by millions of individuals and businesses, Western Digital hard drives are known for their safety and security. 

Unfortunately, many users of MyBook Live and Live Duo found that all of their files were deleted via a remote attack in June. Find out what this means for you and the future of your cybersecurity.

What Was the Western Digital Hard Drive Attack?

MyBook Live and Live Duo hard drives use cloud-based connectivity to access files. This feature was compromised, allowing a cyber-attack to erase data on devices.

The attack not only removed the data but also reset the password on MyBook Live. The default password and the created password were both invalid credentials for accessing device administrative features.

In a statement, Western Digital reported on June 24 no signs that firmware servers, user credentials, or cloud infrastructure were compromised. They believe that the attacker(s) took advantage of remote command execution vulnerability to perform a factory reset of hard drives connected to the internet.

The Aftermath

Individuals and business owners who put terabytes of files, photos, and important documents on their devices woke up to find them missing due to a factory reset command.

Some users have had success with IT security services retrieving deleted files. Non-destructive recovery apps may offer a chance to restore files, but victims need a reliable way to prevent future incidents.

I’ve Lost My Data—What Now?

If you believe you’re part of the Western Digital MyBook Live cyber-attack, or if you’re using a MyBook Live or Live Duo product, here are some steps you can take if you believe your device is part of a data leak:

  1. Disconnect your hard drive from the internet
  2. Change credentials and passwords
  3. Secure cybersecurity services to determine the extent of the leak
  4. Communicate the threat to your entire team and anyone else who may be involved
  5. Look for ways to improve your cybersecurity and prevent another breach

How Do I Protect My Business from Hard Drive Attacks?

The attack was noticeable as soon as users attempted to access stored files, but other cyber-attacks often go undetected. According to Statista, there were over 30,000 worldwide cybercrimes in 2020.

Cybersecurity services provided by an MSP can help you prevent a future cyber-attack in a variety of ways. Here are some key ways managed IT security services can give you peace of mind and protect your business from attacks like the Western Data hard drive attack:

  • Antivirus protection
  • External vulnerability scans
  • Third-party updates
  • Security checklists
  • Backup management

While some attacks can’t be prevented, an IT security service provider can still help you restore your files. Separate file backup solutions and state-of-the-art recovery programs minimize the effects of a cyber-attack.

Work with a managed IT security service provider to establish the protection and around-the-clock monitoring you need. A secure network, separate file backup system, and immediate cyber-attack alert may have prevented some businesses from losing critical files.

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