Forbes recently put out a list of the top 10 technology trends for 2016 from Gartner. There were few surprises among them, as we live and breathe t

For IT leaders at small businesses, it is important to be aware of technology trends and continue to adapt business practices to suite the growing needs of a technology hungry audience.echnology every day, and see it evolve before our eyes.

In this article, we have picked five of those technology trends that everyone should be aware of moving forward through the New Year.

1. The Device Mesh

It’s not simply desktops, smartphones and tablets anymore. Our lives are becoming more connected on a day-to-day basis. New ways for people to interact are sprouting up all the time. These technology trends aren’t going away any time soon.

Wearables and Virtual Reality are expected to see a huge boost in accessibility and quality in 2016. For IT administrators, Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) policies will likely need an update in 2016, while your team should be focused on learning how to leverage these technologies for the greater good of your business.

2. Ambient User Experience

The customer journey is something that has evolved significantly over the past year. We have already seen it in e-commerce. Consumers will typically do their research on one device and purchase on another. Desktops and mobile devices can be used interchangeably in this respect.

When someone moves from one place to another, they expect technology to go with them. Organizations need to be mindful of this connection and streamline products to work together to complete the entire user experience.

3. Advanced Machine Learning

Machines are getting smarter and are learning to adapt to changes in the environment around them. Organizations need to assess how they can improve machinery to adapt rather than just go through the traditional motions.

4. Internet of Things Architecture

If it can be made smarter, it is being made smarter. Technology trends are leaning towards creating a world of all devices becoming interconnected devices. Garage doors, thermostats, Bluetooth vent fans – IoT is no longer the wave of the future – it’s the wave everyone is riding.

Your business needs to evolve and learn how to leverage IoT to make your products more useful and really wow audiences.

5. Adaptive Security Architecture

Unfortunately, cyber threats are not going away anytime soon. Along with improving technology trends, hacking technology continues to get better as well. Digital business is complex, and IT leaders need to be aware of ways to better detect and respond to threats, because they can absolutely cripple an organization.

Focus on the Goals of Growing Your Business in 2016

Even as technology evolves, there are many businesses set in their old ways. This is often because they don’t have the resources in place to focus on growth, spending most of their time and effort maintaining what they already have.

Your IT staff has bigger and better things to do with its time.

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