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The machines are rising to take over the help desk. Should we be worried?


According to a recent article citing statistics from Garter, by 2019, artificial intelligence is primed to take over 30% of IT support capacity, and within 10 years, they predict that virtually every application will incorporate some type of AI.

As a managed services provider, is AI something destined to force us to wave a white flag?


While IT automation trends in a positive direction with its design on making some of the day-to-day components of IT more efficient, it can’t replace many of the elements that make managed services such a successful model for us, as a provider, and you, as a client.

In fact, IT process automation is something that we should embrace, as in the future it can help us provide better IT services to our clients.

If IT automation continues to trend forward, it can provide managed service providers opportunities to grow business while reducing costs and providing a greater level of service to its customers. We feel it is important to continue offering the best product available and remain on the cutting edge of industry trends.

If automation truly is the wave of the future, we, as a managed services provider can embrace it, because it allows us to:

Do More with Less for More Clients

The managed services industry is extremely competitive, and to be successful, providers must be able to provide customers with a high-quality product at an affordable price. IT process automation can help speed up some service offerings, and free up resources to focus attention on growing business and providing the same quality services to more and more clients. Efficiency also translates into improved profitability.

Sustain Growth

One goal many business have is to continue growing and effectively scale resources to meet growing demand. By automating some IT processes, MSPs can scale more efficiently, and maximize resources for their customers.

Standardize Processes

IT process automation can make policy creation and ensuring compliance both for the MSP and its clients much more efficient. Industry regulations continue to tighten as data security becomes a greater universal concern and cloud adaptation continues to grow.

Focus on What’s Truly Important for Us & Our Clients

We say it all the time about managed services. Outsourcing certain aspects of in-house IT services allows a company to put their fuel to the fire that is innovation and shifting focus into revenue-generating opportunities.

The same concept would apply to automating some of the daily tasks we complete for clients, while providing the same level of customer support and eliminating the slim margin for human error. Automation can allow us to continue improving our services, and providing more value for clients.

Automation Can’t Replace the Human Element in IT.

It would be nice if problems always fit into checkboxes, but there aren’t algorithms for everything.  Sometimes you need to have someone who can think outside the box to understand your problem.
We don’t think a robot is going to come to your office and personally address your network issue that can’t be solved remotely, but what do we know?
Relationships are another component of an MSP that cannot be replaced. We tailor our services to meet the unique goals of our clients and their specific industries, leaving no stone unturned.

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