As long as there are businesses, there will be employees, so it’s no surprise that staffing and IT recruiting gain a fair amount of attention year-round.

Information technology is a skilled trade. Companies need information technology personnel, but many businesses, small businesses in particular, have an increasingly difficult time finding employees capable of performing these tasks through both internal and external IT recruiting efforts.

According to a study by Manpower Group, IT Staff was identified as one of the toughest jobs there is to fill.

There is plenty of talent in the IT industry, particularly in St. Louis, but not every company can afford to hire top-tier IT talent.

As a small business, you have likely tried everything to find top-level IT talent to engineer, manage and monitor all of the IT solutions you have dreamed of but your efforts haven’t yielded the desired result for a variety of reasons:

  • You don’t have the budget to have an entire IT team dedicated to supporting your business’ technical infrastructure so not everything is getting done.
  • You are unable to pay competitively for top talent.
  • You have hired a third-party staffing agency to find IT talent, but the IT recruiting process is taking too long and the agency hasn’t been able to identify your true IT rock star. Plus, agency cuts are too high.
  • Your internal hiring team is having trouble sourcing and hiring candidates that fit your needs.

While frustrating, it is important to know your company doesn’t have to have a big information technology team in-house to create and implement IT solutions. Many of the day-to-day processes that have been sitting on the back-burner in favor of more pressing, immediate needs can be accomplished by an outside IT support company.

If your team is struggling in the quest to find qualified IT professionals in a competitive, thin market, then managed IT services may be for you.

How an IT Support Company Solves Staffing Needs

ThrottleNet is a provider of Managed Network Services, offering a full suite of IT solutions that small businesses can afford.

Our team makes decisions with the goals of your business in mind. We aren’t just a break/fix IT solution, but can do that too. We realize IT can get quite complex. Not everyone can do IT. If they could, IT jobs would be easier and more affordable for companies to fill.

We have a qualified, experienced team ready to engage and get right to work on engineering and maintaining IT processes that may have slipped through the cracks of an under-staffed, over-worked internal team to help develop IT solutions for your business in the New Year.

As a full-service IT support company, our bundled Managed Network solutions include:

Our managed network solutions are built to solve a diverse range of client needs and problems, and our resume speaks for itself.

Our objective? To get your business running full throttle.

When can we start? Tomorrow, if need be. Two weeks’ notice isn’t necessary.

Contact us today to learn more!