The recent tornadoes in Joplin, MO, and Oklahoma City, OK, remind us once again that tornado season is upon us.

Before we go further, we want to extend our deepest sympathy to those affected by the recent storms and tornadoes around the Midwest and South.

All of this devastation has made us think of the many businesses that were destroyed. It made us wonder how many of those affected businesses will never open shop again. These tragedies go to show that disaster can strike anywhere at anytime without warning.

In hopes that we can help educate companies on preserving their crucial business data rather than starting from scratch, we wanted to offer the following tips:

  • Be sure to have a secure, offsite backup solution.  Many of you probably have some form of online backup, which is great. However, keeping a hard copy of your business data off the premises is even better. Ask about our collocation services where we store your backup offsite in a secure, caged facility.
  •  Create a disaster plan for your company.  Protecting your staff will of course be your first priority. Posting escape routes; educating staff on emergency procedures; holding mock drills; having an insurance plan in place; and knowing what to do with your crucial business data will prove beneficial in the event of a disaster. Click here for tips on creating a Business Disaster Plan.
  • Create asset records for insurance.  Should your business be damaged or destroyed by a violent storm or tornado, you will have an easier time getting the maximum financial help form your insurance if you keep thorough asset records. In addition to these records, it is important that you keep photos and store them offsite in a secure place.
  • Have a backup plan for vendors. What if it’s not your business that gets destroyed, but rather a vendor? Creating a list of backup vendors will help overcome this possible roadblock.

Don’t let the next storm put your business in the dark. Contact ThrottleNet today for a total network evaluation. We want to help you keep your business up and running 24×7 no matter the season. 314-961-1027.