Are older PCs and laptops slowing down your business process? Is your company up to date on the latest desktop technology?

Todd Budde, a vCIO with ThrottleNet, appeared on TNtv to discuss how new advancements in desktop technology can help you eliminate larger out-of-date equipment while improving business operations.

Budde said businesses should take advantage of new machines like the Microsoft Surface Tablet. The Surface Pro 2 version is a fully featured laptop in a tablet format. It has everything a typical user demands including a fast Intel i5 processor, 8 gigabytes of RAM, and a solid state 256 gigabyte disk drive. Surface 2 can run Windows 8.1 and has a full Microsoft Office suite installed with Outlook, Word, Excel OneNote, and more.

Wait, Tablets as PCs?

The tablet does everything a PC can do and enables quick access to files and records. One can store their reports in Dropbox and other software, and synchronize them to their device. A pen is available to annotate notes on those reports and make changes. Since it is portable, with a removable key board, a user can take it anywhere and be fully functional.
Budde says the solid state drive is a large step forward from typical machines with spinning drive technology. It provides for very fast read times and enables the user to pull up Outlook files and emails at lightning speed.

The Surface tablet is at the forefront of the trend where firms are replacing PCs with machines that are more portable and mobile without losing functionality. The recently released Surface Pro 3 is now available and features a larger 12 inch screen. It is lighter and thinner than prior versions and features the tear away keyboard for use as a both a tablet and a laptop.

Companies able to make minor upgrades in desktop hardware should be able to realize major rewards in performance.

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Watch the full interview with Budde below!