Is your business ready for a new, friendlier operating system?

Then get ready for Windows 10, a new O.S. that should be ready for distribution around the fall of this year.

Eric Aguado, COO and Partner at ThrottleNet, appeared on TNtv to discuss the features of the newest Windows operating system and how it will benefit your business.

Aguado said “simplicity” is the key word when describing Windows 10.

The system combines the best elements of Windows 7 and 8 with a few added innovations including… 

1. A friendly start menu.  Featured in Windows 7 it was discarded on Windows 8.

Many found the lack of a start menu confusing and “10” returns back to the older version.

2. An adaptive interface. Microsoft may have designed a single system that flows across all of its devices. Whether you operate a smartphone, tablet, 2 in 1 laptop, PC, or a conference room display, the user will enjoy an interface that changes seamlessly.

For example, when you use a Surface Pro 3 you can disconnect the keyboard and maintain basically the same interface in tablet mode. Reattach it and it switches to laptop use. 

3. The Cortana voice generator. Microsoft’s version of Apple’s well known “Siri” is called Cortana. This voice functionality will be in every device using 10 so your smartphone, desktop or computer will have the ability to “talk back” to you.

4. Added security for business. In today’s environment, files and folders that can be locked down for certain users on a server may get copied on a USB drive, email attachment or mobile device. They can easily get lost or even stolen and vital information can fall into the wrong hands.

Windows 10 protects that information by requiring permission before access is granted no matter how it is used and on whatever device is utilized.  The process makes it difficult for the data to be hacked or compromised if lost.

Aguado said protecting this key information is crucial with the growing mobile workforce, a real benefit in today’s business world.

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