Trust is a very powerful thing for ecommerce companies. Customers have several expectations of a vendor when they purchase products online. First and foremost, they want the goods they purchased when they are told they will receive them. Second, they are entrusting your organization with personal and payment information. If you fail to deliver on either of those fronts, chances are high that the customer will no longer be a customer and your company can face big penalties in the form of lost revenue and even fines.

IT and ecommerce need to work together to ensure your organization is always delivering on its promises. Large online retailers have their bases covered, but small businesses who do commerce over the internet have a much greater risk, especially if they don’t possess the tools and knowledge to execute a successful IT strategy.

Managed service providers offer ecommerce IT management solutions that make life much easier for small ecommerce vendors, allowing them to focus on selling more products while cutting costs. Below are some of the key benefits of ecommerce IT management with a trusted managed services provider:

Simplification of Budgeting & Costs

As someone who sells products, the bottom line means everything. What comes in must be greater than what is going out. It’s that simple.

When a single vendor covers your entire IT system, you’re only getting one bill. Consistent management and shared risk ensures you’re never on the hook for a mistake that could prove fatal to your business.

Access to Professionals

Ecommerce IT management is much easier when those running your IT have a proven track record of success. A reputable managed services provider will know the ins-and-outs of your industry, and be able to answer any questions you have. There’s incredible peace of mind to be had knowing your network and infrastructure are fully understood, protected and cared for.

Vendor Management Support

A managed services provider takes an incredible weight off your shoulder by working directly with third-party technology vendors and payment systems. For a small company, this allows you to focus all of your resources on growing the ecommerce aspects of your business and increasing revenue streams.

Fast Response Time

If you don’t have a dedicated IT employee on staff and are managing both sides of the business, technology issues can fall to the backburner. When a major issue occurs, all you need to do is alert your managed network provider and it becomes a top priority.

Customized Solutions for Your Business

Your business is unlike any other, and a managed network provider will understand this. If your business is interested in moving to a new platform or moving to the cloud, a managed network provider can ensure a seamless transition and help you navigate these processes.

Trust ThrottleNet for eCommerce IT Management

ThrottleNet understands IT and ecommerce. We are experts at ensuring your organization’s network, payment systems and other aspects of your technology are protected from outages, attacks and everything in-between.

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