Are you looking for new ways to enhance your customer experience? Have you considered introducing a mobile app? The face of the mobile market is changing as the use of smartphones and tablets become much more widespread across all industries. This means your company’s presence has to be thoroughly expanded to give your customers an opportunity to access your Website, eStore and Social Media through any mobile device. ThrottleNet is a leading developer in the area with more than 12 years of experience in building custom mobile applications using the newest and most cost-effective technology available –  HTML 5.


What are the advantages to my company in using a Mobile App?

·         More than 28% of companies are expected to invest in Mobile Apps. That’s more than any other technology investment this year. Investing in a mobile app now not only opens previously untapped revenue streams, but also provides you with a distinct advantage over your competition.
·         A few of the benefits companies have experienced via a mobile app created by ThrottleNet, Inc. are improved cash flow by decreasing aging of  accounts receivable, increased productivity of field personnel and reduce billing processing costs. 
What is HTML 5 and why is it a better choice for my business?
·         HTML 5 is less costly to develop and maintain while holding the same visual appeal as an app you might develop through the App Store.
·         You will have more control over the features, look and feel of the app. Apple will dictate the design choices if you want your app made available on the App Store, as well as put you through an arduous approval process.
·         HTML 5 can run on all mobile devices with one app instead of forcing you to develop separate apps across multiple platforms.