Functional and secure IT has become vital in almost every industry. Businesses and organizations that handle sensitive information or have low technology budgets are at especially high risk of cyber attacks. As digital operations and interactions become the norm, business leaders have to recognize the risks and take a proactive approach to cybersecurity. Identifying vulnerabilities is the first step toward enhanced security for organizations in industries at risk for cyber attacks. The following isn’t an exhaustive list by any means, as just about any organization can fall victim to a cyber attack. Still, our experience with cybersecurity has taught us that the following industries are especially vulnerable to cyber attacks. Hackers target businesses and other organizations they think are likely to have valuable, vulnerable information.

It’s always important to know the risks, especially if you work in any of the following industries at high risk for cyber attacks.

  • Eliminate Costly Downtime
  • Reduce Operating Cost
  • 24/7/365 Support
  • HIPAA Risk Assessment
  • Business Associates Agreement
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Phishing Attack Training
  • Cloud-Based Backups
  • SOC1 Certified Data Center
  • Protect Confidential Information
  • Help Desk Plus Onsite Support
  • Private Network Support
  • Cloud Collaboration and Sharing
  • Document Versioning Capabilities
  • SOC1 Compliance
  • Risk Assessment Technology
  • Managed Network and Support
  • Procurement Advice
  • Manufacturing – Unplanned downtime will almost always damage the bottom line. Maximize efficiency and profits without excessive upfront investments.
  • Healthcare – The stakes are high when health is on the line. Protect patient privacy and provide superior care with secure, productive networks.
  • Financial – Hackers like to target organizations that manage lots of money. We’ll protect your business while you protect your clients’ nest eggs.
  • Legal – Lawyers work day and night, and are no strangers to confidentiality. We’re similarly invested in tireless support and complete discretion.
  • Real Estate – Misplaced paperwork can halt transactions in their tracks. Give your agents the tools they need to keep closing deals.
  • Not-for-Profit – As disturbing as it is, some hackers target not-for-profit organizations that don’t have the budgets for adequate cybersecurity. The right IT and security partner can address threats with affordable solutions to keep you focused on the mission.

Hackers are becoming more sophisticated, so ransomware and other cyber attacks are becoming more complex. The best method of defense is to know what you’re up against, but following trends and keeping up with technology is demanding work. Business leaders are realizing the need to educate themselves and their employees about different types of ransomware.

Even while taking proactive steps to increase cybersecurity, disaster recovery plans have proved to be critical. The cost of ransomware averages close to 100,000. Ransom demands cost businesses in the United States billions of dollars each year in total, and the effects can be devastating. In one of the industries at risk for cyber attack? No need to stress about it! Contact ThrottleNet, and our team of cybersecurity experts will create a customized plan to keep your organization safe. We’re consistently rated among the best IT companies in St. Louis because of our focus on security. When you reach out to us, you’ll see why we’re the trusted MSP for organizations in industries at risk for cyber attacks.

16 Ways to Protect Your St. Louis Business From Cyberattacks

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