Small business owners hear about all the big information security breaches at national companies and think, “This could never happen to us!”

Not so fast. The need for IT services for small business is larger than ever, and there is plenty of evidence to back it up.

Take for instance ongoing list of information security breaches the Identity Theft Resource Center publishes.

Going through the PDF, you will see the big guys and the information security breaches you have read about on the news. Target. AT&T. Lowes. Walgreens. It’s not just those companies, though. There are hundreds of smaller companies, many in the healthcare sector, that you probably haven’t heard of who have had information security breaches in the past year.

Did these small businesses think they were susceptible to information security breaches? Probably not. It’s not about how big or how small you are, as a business owner, you have assets you consider valuable. If you consider them valuable, there is a good chance a hacker may find them useful as well.

ThrottleNet offers IT services for small businesses to avoid showing up on this list and avoid the headaches and repercussions information security breaches can have on your business.
Here are five things your business can do to ensure small business data security and how IT services for small businesses from ThrottleNet can help.

Switch to the Cloud

Moving your data to the cloud makes your data much more secure than if it is stored in an on-site server. Along with the affordability aspect of the cloud making it one of the most popular IT services for small businesses, the cloud is scalable to your company’s size, and the risk of a breach is lessened by having 24/7 access to your data anywhere, anytime. Cloud data is secure, and requires little maintenance. Check out ThrottleNet’s managed cloud services for small business.

PCI Compliance

Is your business PCI compliant? While having this important certification doesn’t entirely prevent your business from information security breaches in name only, PCI compliance is the basic required level of protection to accept major credit and debit cards. Adhering your business practices to PCI compliance minimalizes your risk of a data breach. It is also an ongoing certification, so adhering to PCI compliance keeps your company a step ahead on security trends.

Encrypt, Encrypt, Encrypt

One of the most important things your small business can do to prevent information security breaches is to encrypt everything. For retailers, this means layering encryption and tokenization with your EMV or POS systems. For confidential information; trade secrets, payroll, employee social security numbers, etc., it means having a secure network infrastructure in place and limiting access to only those who need it.

Be Vigilant

Part of preventing an information security breach is knowing exactly what to look for. An information security breach doesn’t always present itself in the most obvious way. Sometimes, it takes months to discover and many small business owners don’t know what to look for.

ThrottleNet’s managed network IT services for small business include 24/7 remote monitoring, including anti-virus protection. A single information security breach can shut your company down for days. Remote monitoring is a must to preserve your vital business data.

Use a Trusted Company

Small business owners can’t go about preventing information security breaches on their own. Small businesses need a partner who can help develop and implement a long-term plan to protect their critical business data and understand their IT.

ThrottleNet’s managed network offers a full suite of IT services for small business to help combat the possibility of information security breaches. As a technology partner, ThrottleNet puts an emphasis on data security, and can help guide your company through the ins and outs of your technology.

If you aren’t worried about an information security breach occurring within your small business, start. If you are worried, contact ThrottleNet to learn more about our bundled IT services for small businesses today.