Communication & collaboration are proven to increase creativity and productivity, so some businesses now operating remotely are working to give their employees the capabilities to communicate effectively.

We’re going to discuss ways to improve your approach to remote communication which will better enable your business to adapt to permanent options for remote work. The sooner you implement these tips, the sooner you’ll find out what works best for your business, and you will achieve a more efficient remote working setup.

Select the Right Communication Platforms

Communication is going to be one of the most important things to plan out as you adapt to remote working. And it all starts with selecting the platforms you use. First of all, think about the methods of communication that are going to be most important to your team; whether they’ll need the ability to video call to facilitate face to face communication, or the versatility to communicate via instant messaging.

The rapid fire, back-and-forth nature of instant messaging speeds up communication and allows people to share ideas quickly. If you rely on email alone to communicate ideas between the team, it’s best to operate on a platform where messages can be sent and viewed much quicker. 

Microsoft Teams is one of the platforms that allows for communication for instant messaging and video calling, ensuring all options are covered. Whether or not you already have it, it’s a good place to start.

Boost That Network Connection

When you’re forced to communicate remotely as a team, one of the things you’ll be reliant on is the speed and connectivity of your internet. Each member of the team will need to make sure that their internet service provides a fast, secure, and reliable connection. If they are experiencing a weak signal, they might look into a better router, or use extenders.

It’s also a good idea to consider using a managed network service. This third party company will be able to oversee and maintain your network so connectivity issues don’t become a problem or any kind of drag on your business. 

Any network issue will bring your business to a halt when your team is working and communicating remotely. That’s why it’s better to have proactive maintenance in place to avoid those possibilities.

Make Security a Priority

Your communication systems must be kept secure if you are to avoid security breaches and data theft. Some rival businesses have been known to target companies, and their communication methods in order to intercept sensitive information. At the start of the pandemic, the phenomenon of Zoom call bombing was making headlines and it really highlighted how important security is when communicating across distances.

Some platforms are better than others when it comes to offering security and encryption. Be sure to check out the security measures in place before deciding a platform. There are security precautions that you’ll want to take when it comes to making sure that logins and passwords are secure, such as using multi-factor authentication.

Get a Remote Desktop Connection

Remote desktop access allows employees to retrieve data and files from their office computers, even when they’re at home. It’s a way of making it possible to be at the desk, even when that’s not physically possible because of restrictions either encouraging or enforcing employees to work at home for the time being. It’s a tool that no business should be without as they adapt to remote work

Setting up a remote desktop connection doesn’t have to be difficult. There are service providers who can set it up for you, and from there your team will be free to access their vital files and documentation as needed. It makes completing projects and staying on track far easier than it otherwise would be. When set up correctly, it’s fully secure and reliable, so you won’t need to worry about any unforeseen issues arising.

Remote communication is vitally important, and it’s not something that your business is going to be able to overlook anytime soon. The trend towards remote working is long standing and the global COVID-19 pandemic has only accelerated that trend, so be sure to make the most of the suggestions discussed above.

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