Windows 10 officially launched in July and while the operating system is already live on over 200 million devices worldwide, the switch isn’t overnight for most businesses.

Whether you are satisfied with your current operating system or have just been waiting until the kinks are worked out, now may be a good time to update to the latest version of Windows.

The operating system recently received a vote of confidence from the Department of Defense, which plans to deploy the operating system to more than 4 million agency-owned devices by early next year.

Why Should You Upgrade to Windows 10

The Department of Defense is one of the most sophisticated, technologically savvy organizations in the United States, and relies on the security of its networks more than the average user.

The initial launch of Windows 10 had its bugs, and several major updates have been made since then.

As of now, Windows is reporting 76% of their enterprise and education customers are in active pilots of Windows 10, and demand for the operating system is at an all-time high.

From a security standpoint, Windows 10 boasts many features earlier versions lack that may come in handy when fighting potential cyber threats:

  • Windows Hello – an integrated multi-factor authentication program using biometrics including facial recognition or fingerprints as opposed to passwords, along with enhanced restricted access settings.
  • Enhanced Threat Resistance & Device Security Capabilities
  • Windows Defender Anti-Malware Service
  • Enterprise Data Protection Features

Why should you upgrade to Windows 10 if your current operating system works just fine?

While many businesses skipped upgrading to Windows 8, Windows 10 is viewed as far more enterprise-friendly and embraces the reality of BYOD and connecting multiple devices through a singular operating system.

Enhanced security features, mobile device management capabilities and user control over updates give Windows 10 a huge edge over its predecessors in a business environment.

If the DOD is behind Windows 10, shouldn’t your business be as well?

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