Are you confident that your IT solutions provider is doing everything they can to protect you from supply chain attacks? A supply chain attack is a serious, growing threat to any business and can easily result in the loss of confidential data or even bankruptcy.

Understanding what a supply chain attack is and how it threatens your business is the first step to effective mitigation. And ensuring that you’re partnering with an IT solutions provider with the cybersecurity expertise to take on supply chain attacks is imperative to your overall security.

What Is A Supply Chain Attack?

A supply chain attack is a type of cyberattack that targets the weakest link in a company’s supply chain. These attacks can be difficult to detect and can have devastating consequences for businesses.

Supply chain attacks are usually carried out by hackers who gain access to a company’s systems through its suppliers or other third-party vendors. Once they have access to a company’s systems or software, they can steal confidential data or wreak havoc on company operations.

While these attacks can vary logistically, some examples include:

  • Cybercriminals hacking into hardware and encrypting the data
  • Hackers infiltrating your IT infrastructure and installing malware that affects employees who update their applications
  • Corrupting code in open source libraries so newly developed softwares are already compromised before being distributed    

How Do Supply Chain Attacks Threaten Businesses?

Supply chain attacks can lead to the corruption of confidential data, financial losses, and even bankruptcy. They can also damage a company’s reputation and make it difficult for the company to regain the trust of its customers.

Additionally, supply chain attacks can be used to launch other cyberattacks, such as ransomware attacks. In a ransomware attack, hackers encrypt a company’s data and demand a ransom in order to decrypt it. This can lead to even more financial losses and damage the company’s operations.

What Are The Best Methods For Preventing Supply Chain Attacks?

While cybercriminals continue to launch attacks against everyday businesses, there are still steps that companies can take to prevent supply chain attacks and protect their data. 

1. Carefully vet all of your suppliers and third-party vendors. Make sure that they have strong cybersecurity measures in place and that they are taking steps to protect your data.

2. Create a comprehensive cybersecurity plan. This plan should include measures for preventing, detecting, and responding to these attacks. Additionally, you should frequently test and update these plans as cybersecurity threats become more sophisticated.

3. Partner with an IT provider that specializes in cybersecurity. Your IT provider will be able to help you implement the best cybersecurity measures for your business, data, and industry. 

Is Your Current IT Provider Fully Protecting You?

IT providers with industry-grade solutions can help businesses by vetting their suppliers, creating comprehensive cybersecurity plans, and implementing the best cybersecurity measures available. If you’re not sure your IT provider is proactively protecting you from these attacks, reach out and communicate openly.  

If you’re still not confident that your IT provider is fully protecting you from supply chain attacks, contact ThrottleNet today. We are happy to discuss your specific needs and create a customized solution for you. 

We’re experienced in helping businesses with cybersecurity solutions of all kinds, and we can help ensure your systems are safe against any and all threats it may face.

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