According to a recent study done by Ivanti, in many cases, network access is not always removed when an employee is terminated or leaves the company. This can cause concerns with the high risk of both data theft, and sabotage.

Many times, previous employees of a company take sensitive data from the previous employer to a new employer and conduct malicious attacks once they are terminated. With regard to new employee onboarding, approximately 85% reported not having access to all the proper resources needed to complete their work when first joining the company.

Access Rights

Compliance with employee’s access rights also can cause trouble with the on-boarding or off-boarding process of a company. Access rights to secured data and applications tend to take a while to be removed, leaving the terminated employee left with what has the potential to be sensitive data. Changes of access rights also tend to be slow to apply, if they are applied at all. This can make it difficult for new employees getting their daily tasks completed.

When a group of individuals was asked if they knew a former employee that still has access to company systems, over 50 percent said yes. This leads to risks of data leakage, cyberattacks through unmanaged accounts, and malicious data theft. Some of the reported causes of these IT issues were due to poorly defined processes, such as automation problems and a lack of resources.

Helpful Tips to Avoid Any Issues

  1. Make sure your company has a specific process to handle employee changes, such as when employees are terminated, leave the company, or are newly hired
  2. Document workstation requirements
  3. Develop a detailed process for handling security access to internal systems to ensure the process is as timely as possible
  4. Partner with IT professionals who can provide you and your company the resources and processes you need to avoid any issues

Working with IT professionals can make your life much easier when dealing with new and old employees. ThrottleNet can help ensure your company’s sensitive data isn’t going to be taken with the employee being terminated. Contact ThrottleNet today to keep your company’s data and applications secured!

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