As the number of remote workers has increased in recent years, businesses need to make sure they’re taking the necessary steps to protect their data. A recent study found that there has been a  44% increase in employees working remotely in the last five years. This creates a need for endpoint protection to keep employees and business safe from cyber attacks.

A growing problem within companies is lacking the proper security measures to protect their data when employees are working remotely. Without adequate protections in place, businesses are vulnerable to a variety of attacks, from ransomware to phishing scams. Endpoint protection is a solution that provides security for business, and is projected to have a market value of over $18 billion by 2031.

We’ll look at the importance and value provided by endpoint protection and how implementing it into your business can strengthen your overall cybersecurity.

What is Endpoint Protection?

Endpoint protection is software that provides security for devices such as laptops, desktops, and smartphones. It helps to protect against cyber attacks, including ransomware, phishing scams, and malware. It’s valuable because of its ability to continually monitor a user’s endpoint devices, and it will respond and notify the user if it detects a threat.

The endpoint response software records and analyzes data from the devices it scans to catch any suspicious activity it might detect. If any threats are detected, the software will alert the team members so they can investigate and quickly resolve the issues before they worsen. This can save a company both time and money that would otherwise be lost with an unnoticed cyberattack.

Why Endpoint Detection and Response is Beneficial for Your Business

The problem with using basic security softwares or dated cybersecurity techniques is that threats are becoming harder to detect, and cyber criminals are becoming smarter with the tactics they use. A great way to protect your business from these threats is by utilizing endpoint protection software that can continually monitor your devices.

Some of the features of endpoint detection software include:

  • Threat Visibility – It allows for comprehensive visibility across all devices to detect any threats or attacks in real-time, allowing your team to react fast and respond accordingly.
  • Incident Protection – The endpoint software keeps constant surveillance on your devices and systems, and is able to report any suspicious or uncommon behaviors in the event that an attack is in progress.
  • Cloud-Utilization – Endpoint detection and response software managed through the cloud allows the continual monitoring to proceed smoothly and in real-time so your company always knows what is happening and can immediately respond if something goes wrong.

These features work to streamline your cybersecurity processes and to verify your business is as protected from cyber threats as possible.

Ensure Proper Device Protection with ThrottleNet

As threats from cyber criminals continue to advance, cybersecurity solutions need to stay a step ahead. Adopting endpoint software and implementing it within your company’s cybersecurity infrastructure is crucial for maintaining necessary safety. ThrottleNet can provide the necessary software and solutions to keep your company protected. Contact us today!

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