Does your IT vendor believe they “own” your network? Do they offer a one-sized fits all solution without understanding the nuances of your network and your business goals?  

Mike Heil, a Partner with ThrottleNet, appeared on TNtv to discuss the need for business owners to thoroughly analyze their technology needs before investing in any type of hardware upgrade or change in their IT service plan.

Some standard configurations can be effective but, if they miss the mark, the business owner has wasted a lot of money on products they probably did not need.

They may have purchased a top of the line product when in reality a third best solution would have been sufficient for the task at hand.

Sometimes a business owner may believe he is improving his network but, at the end of the day, the result remains the same.

Why Consulting Matters

Heil said a business owner should first consult with a true, trusted IT advisor, and gain full understanding of their network operation. One who will conduct a detailed analysis of the business before making any recommendations. This includes ascertaining their technology needs and if they are in tune with the company’s overall business goals.

Areas of concern can include, Does a company really need 24 x 7 availability and support when in reality an 8am to 5pm solution would suffice?  Should the network need to be customer facing and what type of business apps are being utilized?

Most business owners would not purchase a major product without first understanding how it will impact their company and the benefits that product will provide. The same should hold true for their computer network.  The owner should ask their IT provider to provide documentation to support their recommendations for any upgrade or system change.

Those who wish to invest in the latest and greatest solution for no substantiated reason may think they are improving their network now, while, in reality, are leaving themselves open for heartache later.

An IT firm like ThrottleNet can help a business analyze their network and business operation.  They can assist a company from making costly investments in products and services they may not need. They can help design a customized approach that meets the needs of the client business, both now and in the future. A plan that is not only efficient but also cost-effective.

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