ThrottleNet is known to offer high quality IT support, while also being a well-rounded team of experts that are there to help you and your business the most effective way possible. ThrottleNet’s full-time IT department is fast, friendly, and fixes tough issues with ease. Some IT service companies today don’t offer the support needed for businesses to run smoothly. ThrottleNet doesn’t just set you up, instead we support you throughout, and do it very well.

ThrottleNet’s Attentive & Helpful Team

Your IT support service should be properly staffed. This includes many trained employees that have the ability to handle any questions that clients might have. ThrottleNet can address the major problems initially, and then proceed with fixing the issues of lower priority efficiently. The team at ThrottleNet are able to provide solutions just as fast as issues emerge.

This is what our clients have to say:

“We LOVE ThrottleNet! We called with a computer problem and your team immediately resolved the issues, were prompt and very friendly. We have never had this type of experience with any other computer company we have worked with in the past. We are relieved that another vet recommended ThrottleNet to the Bridgeton Animal Hospital. You guys are the best!” – Dr. Kay Tung, Veterinarian at Bridgeton Animal Hospital

IT Support When You Need It

Do you feel like you tend to wait awhile for IT support? If there is one thing that is definite in any business, it is that they all need IT support that is reliable. Many complaints from clients show how their previous IT support service is slow. This can undoubtedly impact your business’s functionality and slow down daily activities.

ThrottleNet fixes problems rapidly, while also doing a good job. Just look to see what our clients are saying:

“ThrottleNet makes IT completely hassle free. Their proactive approach to network efficiency and security is integral to our achievement in the B2B marketplace. Delivering leading-edge online storefronts for enterprise-level businesses is at the heart of our print and marketing solutions. Therefore, a stable network and reliable connectivity is vital to the success of our business. Their cloud mail and backup solution has mitigated any risk of data loss and ensured we’ll always have access to our clients’ digital assets and files.”

“Ultimately, ThrottleNet’s quick response and expertise has been crucial in supporting our infrastructure at RBO PrintLogistix.” – Jim Riley, CEO & President of RBO PrtingLogistix

Qualified at Fixing IT

The team of specialists at ThrottleNet thinks through tough problems. Sometimes, missing the tiniest details can create a whole different problem. With almost two decades worth of exceptional experience, ThrottleNet has the resources, knowledge, and experience that you are in need of. ThrottleNet is known for its knowledgeable and friendly team, that is always ready to provide solutions to your IT issues.

Here is a glimpse of some of our client’s reviews:

“Thanks to the knowledgeable support team at ThrottleNet, our network is running faster and more efficient than ever before. I can trust them to resolve technical issues that might otherwise get in the way of running my business.” – Dr. Richard Goldberg from St. Louis Orthodontic Group

“I wanted to reiterate how happy we here at Condominium Property Management are with ThrottleNet. Several employees have seen immediate and dramatic improvements in their computers’ boot times. Instead of waiting 20 to 30 minutes to boot, our computers now boot up in about one minute. They also set up a Web backup for us, which is something we’ve discussed for a long time, but never implemented. We look forward to a long relationship with ThrottleNet.” – Jane Oliver, President of Condominium Property Management

Start Your ThrottleNet IT Experience

Are you in need of an IT support service that will be there to fix problems when you need it most? ThrottleNet is happy to help with all things IT related. Give us a call today to set up a consultation and see how we are the best option for your business.

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