Does your company utilize its PCs to mainly access corporate programs and information via web browsers?  Could your firm benefit by utilizing a less expensive infrastructure that still produces the same results?

Eric Aguado, a Partner with ThrottleNet, appeared on TNtv to discuss how utilizing a thin client infrastructure could be a real benefit for many types of organizations.

First, Aguado explained that a thin client differs from what he terms a “thick client” which is your typical PC model. A PC is a self contained device that consists of a box, motherboard, an installed video card, 8-16 gigabytes of RAM and a full blown operating system. The processor in the PC opens all the programs and does all the work.


A Thinner Approach to Network Management

A thin client is different. It is a much smaller device and not nearly as powerful. It is less expensive to use since there is not a lot of local processing taking place.

The thin client environment does have its limitations. When utilized with a remote solution, such as a server in the cloud, it is totally dependent on the speed of the Internet connection. A poor or slow connection can cause either a complete disruption in services or low performance when compared to the traditional PC model. The success of the thin client is heavily dependent on bandwidth. Those businesses that rely on a heavy amount of bandwidth, such as graphic design firms, may not be good candidates for this type of solution.

However Aguado said a number of companies should be able to take advantage of a thin client based approach. Since many applications, such as Quickbooks, are accessible through the cloud via a web browser, like Internet Explorer, the need to have these programs installed on a PC is no longer a necessity. For companies utilizing PCs for mainly online access to cloud based software, a thin client can be an outstanding solution.

A thin client model has a number of real benefits.  It is less expensive to operate than PCs, has a faster boot-up time, rarely fails since it has no moving parts, and lasts longer than the typical 3-year PC refresh cycle.

A business may be a prime candidate for a thin client infrastructure based on its client-server model, applications, and corporate needs.

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