With only two months left in the year, many of you have started planning your 2012 budgets. We are doing the same thing here at ThrottleNet, so we understand how stressful it can be to plan an annual budget!

We also understand the importance of planning for future technology expenses. Preparing your technology budget now will give you that extra competitive edge you need for 2012. Whether you wish to invest in newer PCs to boost the productivity of your employees or a in new phone system for better call management – ThrottleNet can help you save money on your technology budget for next year.

We make forecasting technology spending simple by using our Managed Network plan that provides our clients with one monthly, flat fee that allows you to easily budget for unexpected technology costs. This plan covers everything from replacing broken or low functioning equipment to disaster recovery strategies in the event of a fire, bad weather event, power outage or water damage.

If you would like to meet with a ThrottleNet representative to find out more about how our Managed Network plan can fit into your 2012 budget, call us at 314-961-1027.